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Type Demoparty
Date october 2006, 12th - 15th
Location La Cartonnerie in LA Friche La Belle de Mai,
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Credits cybernostra varou
  »The tribute to the demoscene in Marseille Provence France«

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regular 30 EUR  
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17th Oct 06

MAIN PArty is over

hello all MAIN is over until next year for the second version. Hey sceners, Thanks to all. Those who came and those who encourage us. Thank you for the advices and the criticisms, they help us to make better for the next version. To build a demoparty is not easy especially in France, but we took the risk of making it in a bizarre country with regard to the demoscene. If the Scandinavian or German example is to be followed we have to find our particular code with regard to "les francais". We found a beautiful room in a cool city, Marseille. We have of to convince quite a lot of "big crocodiles" for this. At the moment, we can begin to work on the version 2, not alone but together. I think it's the sense and the way of the demoscene. Thanks to all those who moved for the party. Cu next year

by poti //
7th Oct 06

re_scheduling the MAIN demoparty inside timeline

We moved and pushed away the deadlines of all the competitions at 10:00 pm on Saturday Night, 14 as everybody will have the time to do the best.

by cybernostra //
3rd Oct 06

Autodesk will present the new release of 3DS MAX and offers licences

Yo all AUTODESK supports officially the MAIN demoparty by presenting in "avant-premiere" European first one in Marseille the new version of 3DS MAX. Patrice Paradis from ex-Alias Canada will present the novelties of MAYA. Autodesk offers 3 licenses of these products (MAX, Maya and MotionB) to the winners for the compo 3 D. A 3Ds Max Tribute is organized during the opening of the demoparty, on Friday, 13 in the evening. Stay tuned and see u in Marseille

by poti //
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