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17th Oct 06

MAIN PArty is over

hello all MAIN is over until next year for the second version. Hey sceners, Thanks to all. Those who came and those who encourage us. Thank you for the advices and the criticisms, they help us to make better for the next version. To build a demoparty is not easy especially in France, but we took the risk of making it in a bizarre country with regard to the demoscene. If the Scandinavian or German example is to be followed we have to find our particular code with regard to "les francais". We found a beautiful room in a cool city, Marseille. We have of to convince quite a lot of "big crocodiles" for this. At the moment, we can begin to work on the version 2, not alone but together. I think it's the sense and the way of the demoscene. Thanks to all those who moved for the party. Cu next year

by poti //
7th Oct 06

re_scheduling the MAIN demoparty inside timeline

We moved and pushed away the deadlines of all the competitions at 10:00 pm on Saturday Night, 14 as everybody will have the time to do the best.

by cybernostra //
3rd Oct 06

Autodesk will present the new release of 3DS MAX and offers licences

Yo all AUTODESK supports officially the MAIN demoparty by presenting in "avant-premiere" European first one in Marseille the new version of 3DS MAX. Patrice Paradis from ex-Alias Canada will present the novelties of MAYA. Autodesk offers 3 licenses of these products (MAX, Maya and MotionB) to the winners for the compo 3 D. A 3Ds Max Tribute is organized during the opening of the demoparty, on Friday, 13 in the evening. Stay tuned and see u in Marseille

by poti //
3rd Oct 06

Dubmood & Acet1 from Razor 1911 live act

Dubmood & Acet1 from Razor 1911 who is doing a DJ+VJ set with classic crossplatform demoscenemusic, all with an Atari Touch, performed on real authentic Atari hardware. The live act will take place the friday 13th in the evening. 13 in 13, the creepy funky night

by poti //
28th Sep 06

Timetable release for the competitons

Yo we release the MAIN demoparty timetable for the competitions. Stay tuned.

by cybernostra //
17th Sep 06

Adobe offers for 10000 euros of software licences

Yo all, the good news is that Adobe "big Mama" offers us for 10000 euros of licences for the visual challenges : Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects, Flash packages for the best...

by cybernostra //
9th Sep 06

400 sceners maximum for the MAIN demoparty

We fixed the capacity of the MAIN demoparty to 400 persons maximum for reasons of comfort and quality of electricity network. We maintain all which is foreseen to the program and more surprises. INTEL provide us 5 QuadXeon "bensley" computers as tools for our usages (compilation, rendering, hypercube engine, imagine what u want...) and IBM 1 engine runing 16 blades center.

by cybernostra //
28th Aug 06

Web update for MAIN 2006

We made an update and add a lot of infos in english inside the MAIN 2006 website. Check out all the features about the party place and "how to come" and register to the demo. See also who's coming. Cyber_Nostra

by cybernostra //
24th Aug 06

Reduction of the admission charge in 30 euro

Yo dear Scene, we reduce the admission charge to the MAIN demoparty in 30 euros instead of 50. Hope you come numerous.

by cybernostra //
8th Jul 06

MMAIN demoparty equipement

The MAIN Demoparty is equipping for 1,000 demomakers (tables - chairs - catering - relaxation areas) and technical services thanks to its partners (electric power officially supplied by EDF) and service providers (audio, Epson videoprojectors, broadband internet network, SUN servers, CISCO routers…). The following material will also be available to demomakers: a shared IBM 16 blades bay for calculating rendering for 3D events, to optimise production time on 3DS and Maya, a server and large format HD plotter for graphic 2D events, a local cluster with 2 Sun servers for creating web sites and podcast events.

by varou // 1 comments //
8th Jul 06

MAIN demoparty place in Marseille

The MAIN Demoparty will take place in the “Cartonnerie”, a 2,500m2 space in La Friche Belle de Mai Arts Centre. This spacious and luminous room comprises a 400-seat theatre-screening theatre with large screen. Screens surround part of the room, multiplying the videoscreening areas, and we are installing a 5.1 audio-video system to give your eyes and ears a treat.

by varou //
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