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Type Demoparty
Date october 2008, 16th - 19th
Location Espace Julien,
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Credits cybernostra
  »You are welcome to the third edition«

Entrance fee

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regular 20 EUR  


15th Oct 08

Latest news before MAIN#3 : compo et prize machines and more

MAIN#3 2008 latest news

Weather : october spring - Sun - 25°c

Compo machine official Demobox: thanks to H2o
Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 512MB (Alpha Dog Edition)
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
2GB of Corsair RAM (DDR2-800)
XFX nForce 680iLT SLI motherboard

First prize :
PC HP + 22" screen / Intel core 2 quad QU6600 - 2.4GhZ
3 Go ram - nVidia Geforce9300 - HDD SCSI 500 Go

Mobile phone - MMS - SMS : 33-0-6 42 84 17 31 / Christian
Email : cybernostra [a-t]
Party place : Espace Julien 39 cours Julien 13006 Marseille - Cours Julien metro station - Fr

Opening night and installation, on Thursday 16 October.
Official opening on Friday October 17 around 20:30

Welcome and records: the reception is through an entrance reserved for participants near
the main entrance. This entrance is open only for you. You will be welcomed by ourselves.
A password will be issued with which you move anywhere in the party place.

Baggage storage: A room is closed and secured for this purpose for the deposit and
luggage storage.

Your place in the party: first come first served is the rule, wifi in the place plus ethernet
link (please take a 3m wire with you, better).

Food and drink: we provided a space food to eat at your own pace and a bar to drink
beer and local variety at your disposal too. You can eat on your party place.

Sleep: The Dojo is open to fixed hours that you will be on site, the rule is not entered
with shoes or drink and eat in the Dojo and well on not smoking.

Showers: showers are available in the Dojo at its opening hours.

by cybernostra //
13th Oct 08

MAIN#3 rules released : max res & max run

Hi sceners, there is 4 days before the MAIN#3
we changed some rules and add infos.

Based Christie VP equipment resolution upgrade and 6mx4m screen
GFX : Maximum resolution is 1400x1050 pixels.
Photo compositing : Maximum resolution is 1400x1050 pixels.

Based musicians suggestions [complains] the streaming music maximum running time is increased to 4 minutes maximum.

You are welcome because you are the very important person for demoparties organizers and for that, there is a living demoscene !

For the musical event, Ezloopaz from Netherland join us for a live set.

by cybernostra //
12th Oct 08


The definitely schedule is online, enjoy the party and welcome. Remote entries are allowed.

by cybernostra //
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