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posted by varou on 8th Jul 06

The MAIN Demoparty is equipping for 1,000 demomakers (tables - chairs - catering - relaxation areas) and technical services thanks to its partners (electric power officially supplied by EDF) and service providers (audio, Epson videoprojectors, broadband internet network, SUN servers, CISCO routersÂ…). The following material will also be available to demomakers: a shared IBM 16 blades bay for calculating rendering for 3D events, to optimise production time on 3DS and Maya, a server and large format HD plotter for graphic 2D events, a local cluster with 2 Sun servers for creating web sites and podcast events.


12.7.06 23:40 Decompress at the Computer Museum : 50 years of techno history at The MAIN demoparty. We launch the cybernetic museum in association with the Cnam (Conservatoire national des arts et mĂ©tiers) wich is a Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution, classed as a French National Technology Museum in Paris France.  
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