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posted on 2nd Jul 07

On public request, we decided to rephrase the rules for our OHP competition. As our competition page now states, the same rules as last year are applied to this compo - with two extensions: a) Take care with liquid - the OHP must be dry after your entry was shown. b) Don't use commercial music! We carefully discussed these extensions and think they're needed when looking at 3 years of OHP experience. Everything else stays the same: Our OHP competition, the way you like it. Don't miss it at Buenzli 16 - popular teams already announced their entries!

For those not familiar with the concept of our OHP competition. Imagine an ordinary OverHead Projector throwing hand animated, truly analogous effects to the big screen. Our public has already been able to see hand-crafted scrolltexts, laser light effects, liquid plasma, 3d wireframes and much, much more. Previous year's fantastic OHP demo entries can be downloaded from .


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