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posted by cybernostra on 4th Aug 07

Hello LA Demoscene !

The second MAIN demoparty and the Micromusic festival will be held in Marseille, from november 1 to 4, Espace Julien, center of the hot south city... You can registar now and make reservation or extra options (parking car resa)

We bring you the social scene spirit with focus on compos, seminars, price and "champagne" for all. With super lo-fi air or rail shuttles you will be in Marseille in no time !

We do the necessary stuff for offer you the best experience with 24 hours services for bar, various foods, music, surprises and all the conveniences for chilling (a very big dojo with tatamis for sleeping inside the party place + separate men-women showers).

So sceners you can think of. We invite you to share a few of the lifes good moments with us. In autumn, Marseille is so cool under the sun, yeah, The sea is still warm and streets ouside the demoparty are living theater...

At the same time at the demoparty, the micromusic festival will take part on the two stages in Espace Julien. Artists like Crazy-Q, Goto80, Dubmood, Sidabitbal, Nervous Test Pilot, Stu @Schmx and many others will rock the bits with Atari vs. Gameboy vs DJ scratching soundclashesÂ…

The real party is outside, in the sun of Marseille !
We will do it, we prepare itÂ…You are welcome

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