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posted on 4th Aug 07

Buenzli has always been known as the party where people really can take part. We continue this tradition with our Open Video Show and Open Jam Session.

The unofficial tradition - now official. We have scheduled an open video session, make sure you don't miss your chance to submit the coolest video you found over the net. Not cheesy, but artsy. Not bad, but sick. Go ahead and show us the trends of tomorrow. Unknown youtube fun? You did something that is even to weird for the wild compo? We want to have it and we want to show it live. Go ahead and contact us during the party or even in advance. This is YOUR show - going live on Friday late night.

Saturday night, the vibes go high - that's the moment where you as a demoscene musician grab you instruments (laptop, guitar, c64, drum machine, ..), plug to our mixer and go mad in the Open Jam Session. Together with everyone else on stage you do a spontaneous and improvised live set. Sounds good? Join in on Saturday night. 



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