Exhibition: Drifters' Le Cube

about Buenzli 18
posted on 28th May 09

We are more than happy to be able to announce the world famous Drifters’ Le Cube (a cooperation project between Calodox, Drifters and TRSI) as the main object in the Buenzli 18 exhibition area. Starting with last year, we have established an exhibition of interesting, special or extraordinary objects in the entrance area at Buenzli. The Drifters’ Le Cube was first presented to the audience at Breakpoint 2009 and will shine in it’s full lightness at Buenzli 18. The object consists of a huge, metal, cube-shaped rack (fully rotatable) equipped with plenty of lights and lasers, screens and beamers, LEDs and OHPs. This promises an incredible lightshow!


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