Type Demoparty
Url nordlicht.demoparty.info
Date july 2013, 19th - 21st
Location Bremen,
Kulturwerkstatt Westend (main hall)
Links pouet slengpung scene.org
Results view
Credits moqui

Nordlicht 2013 happens 19th - 21st July!

Set in the "Westend" building in lovely Bremen, offering you this and much more:

  • Main hall with space for 100 demosceners (chairs & tables for everyone)
  • Disco / party room with bar (our team will sell you drinks at fair prices again)
  • Chillout areas all around the place (for taking a break away from the noisy hall)
  • Separate sleeping room (sleep, what is that?)
  • A Kitchen (for us orgas to prepare stuff)
  • 15 friendly organizers who will look after you ^^
  • Plenty of competitions - categorized into old- and newschool.
  • Two bigscreens, live DJ acts and performances, free tea and coffee
  • and the famous BBQ session outside!

Tickets will be €25 each, available online only! (as soon as the website launches, give it a few days please!)

We're hoping to see you in July! \o/



11th Mar 13

Party data changed: 19th - 21st July 2013

Our party location's host "Westend" pulled a stunt on us and marked our reserved party date as unavailable due to another event happening there at the same time. This took us by surprise, considering we reserved our event as early as November last year. Still they somehow managed to miss that other event until today, and asked us kindly to move our party.

We have now done that and the new date is reserved and secured: 19th - 21st July 2013

This is a whole month later, and we're aware that some of you were already plotting travel options and bought tickets (just like we were plotting live gigs and DJ's). We are very very sorry about this, it struck us just as unexpectedly as it did you! If you happen to be unable to attend at this new date, and you already paid for your ticket, then please get in touch with me so I can issue you a full refund as soon as possible! We would much rather like to see you at the party, however!

by moqui // 1 comments //
16th Feb 13

Website live & registration open

Even though the header image isn't final, we managed to launch the new website with a lot of infos and pictures of the new location. Registration is open as well. Please notice, that tickets are only available via the website.

by moqui //
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