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11th Mar 09

Infoline and Compo Machine


ArtParty infoline will be available Friday 13th march starting at 4:00 PM

If you want to get information, or a shuttle to pick you up at Montbéliard railway station, please call this number: +33 (0)9 52 79 02 09.


- INTEL CORE I7 965 processor
- 3GB of RAM
- NVidia Geforce GTX 260 with 900MB of VRAM
- Broadcast resolution : 1024x768

by Dax //
7th Mar 09


BLENDER : Saturday 14th Mach 2009 | Lecturer : François Grassard
Blender : a powerfull free and Open Source 3D package for TV Ident, Game and special effects

MAX FOR LIVE : Saturday 14th march 2009 | Lecturer: Manuel Poletti
The power of Max/MSP inside Ableton Live

>> Seminars are broadcasted live on

by Dax //
2nd Mar 09

Timetable update

New timetable available :) Now you can find out about deadlines and be ready on time with your productions !! no excuse !

by poti //
23rd Feb 09

Food menu this year

Just to let you know, you can now find out on Numerica ArtParty’s website, all about our FOOD service!

We know some of you might have experienced bad food quality two years ago (sorry for that) so we decided this year to take care of that ourselves.

Good food and drinks for a reasonable price: find out the details of our menu right now !

by Dax //
10th Feb 09

Remix Compo

There has been an addition to the music compos at Numerica: a Remix compo to remix the Numerica Art Party#2 music theme

by poti //
5th Feb 09

Video invitation

Cocoon just released the Numerica ArtParty#2 video invitation !

DTV link:
pouet link :

by Dax //
4th Feb 09

More than 6000 euros in prizes to win

We are happy to announce that this year again, winners will come back home with nice rewards. Thanks to our sponsors !

- INTEL DX58SO Motherboard + INTEL CORE I7 965 processors
- Video and MP3 player by Scott
- Digital photo frame by Scott
- Vinyls by Will be (limited edition)
- Electroclic CD (French electro music compilation)
- Creation software licenses
- And many other surprises !

And as it is traditional at Numerica, each participant will be given a welcome gift at the party place.

by Dax //
9th Jan 09

Numerica might take place on 13/14/15 march 2009

Numerica ArtParty #2 will happen, and planed date would be 13/14/15 march 2009.

We are still waiting to know if we can get the place (Numerica building as in 2007) and will give you confirmation on that asap ;)

The demoparty website will be online on Friday 16th January, with first information and registration opening.

This demoparty can welcome maximum 100 participants on the spot, but you can also participate with remote entry, thus you can start working on your production right away ;)

We are very happy to work on this 2nd edition, and hope you will enjoy it as much as the first one.

by Dax //
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