17th Jul 07

T-Shirt news

This year we have only made 20 t-shirts for sale. They will cost 150,- NOK. The people who have chosen t-shirt size while signing up for the party AND bought a ticket will have first dibs. After that, anyone can buy one until we run out. :)

by poti //
11th Jul 07

Pre-pay extended

Since you people seem to just be waking up after the winter slumber, you get some more time to pre-pay your tickets. :) The new (and absolute final) deadline is friday the 13th (ooh, spooky!) so get your ass in gear before then if you want to make sure you get your seat booked.

by poti //
11th Jul 07

New compo added

By popular demand, we are adding a new competition to the list: 32k executable music. If you know your way around your soft synths and like a bit of limitation, this is the compo for you!

by poti //
19th Jun 07

Several news

If you are coming to this years greatest summer demoparty - Solskogen 2007 - Smells like scene spirit, then sign up now and let us (and other visitors) know of your planned presence! Then we welcome Linpro to the Solskogen family and there has been a Compo-machine (Mac) update

by poti //
11th Jun 07

Solskogen 2007 Amiga invtro released!

Slummy and Lug00ber of the mighty Spaceballs has made this years Amiga invtro

by poti //
22nd May 07

Shower-facility booked

The showers from 2004 are back! Yep; this year, the shower/wardrobe-facilities are located just 50 meters from the main party area, instead of several kilometers away like last year. Happy happy clean clean!

by poti //
22nd May 07


You know you've forgot something important when sceners start to call you to ask about the compo-machine specs. :)

by poti //
26th Apr 07

Tickets for Solskogen 2007 available!

Yes, you can now get your hands on the sweet sweet tickets for Solskogen 2007! Get them online (PayPal, VISA, MasterCard) or if you live in Norway; use bank-transfer. All the details are available from the Solskogen website!

by gloom //
18th Apr 07

Date confirmed

The dates for Solskogen 2007 are now confirmed -- 20th to the 22nd of July!

by gloom //
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