Type Demoparty
Url www.solskogen.no
Date july 2016, 15th - 17th
Location Flateby Samfunnshus,
Flateby, Akershus
Links facebook
Credits gloom
  »I'll just point out that this party does not go til 2017.
Thanks Slummy.
Also, additional information that we could add to the box would be nice.
Fuck it my day has been shit so let's just say everyone should _f*cking_ go to Solskogen. I am going to Solskogen. I am going to Solskogen if I have to f*cking walk and I'm unemf*ckingployed. I don't give a shit, I'm going to f*ng solskogen, and you should too.


4th Mar 16

Tagline announced!

We're excited to reveal that Solskogen 2016 will be named.. Elk-tronic Arts!

by gloom //
4th Mar 16

Tickets for Solskogen 2016 available!

You can now get your tickets for Solskogen, do it NAO!

by gloom //
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