Type Demoparty
Url summermeeting.tumblr.com
Date august 2011, 6th - 7th
Location unknown,
Vellev, Ulstrup
Credits rasmus/loonies
  »In 2010 it was too cold during the evening of Evoke - so I would like to move it to the Assembly weekend instead.
As with last year the event is a single evening event. In 2011 the event will start saturday and end on sunday. This is to get the most out of the competitions at Assembly.
We will, hopefully, watch the live stream from Assembly and as such follow their schedules.
To enhance the party concept it was suggested to add a small entry fee in return of dinner Saturday and break fast Sunday.
This means that the entry fee is 150 DKK which must be paid up front.
No payment = No food :-)«

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