9th Oct 06

Party over!

Hey, thanks for coming! Photos on Slengpung will come tomorrow. Entries will be uploaded tomorrow evening also, there’s a huge chunk of files. Results… also tomorrow! Sorry for the slight delay, but it’s well worth it. For the moment, has partial completion of the party.

3rd Oct 06

Not long now, read this important info!

For EVERYONE Please take my mobile number as a contact for the party, should you have any trouble getting here or have any questions. I’ll do my utmost to help: 07779 263720 Exeter to Budleigh Travel Links For those requiring travel links from Exeter (Airport or St. Davids Station) to Budleigh, please let me know as soon as possible! So [...]

13th Sep 06

Sundown Open Chiptune Competition now accepting entries!

ne7 has officially opened the 4-channel real chiptune competition so join us and get your entries e-mailed as soon as you can. More information here.

9th Sep 06

Bristol Airport Links

If anyone’s interested in getting a lift from Bristol or Bristol Airport, get in touch! G0bi is offering car space, so drop me (rc55) an e-mail and I’ll hook you up.

5th Sep 06

60 People so far!

To date we’ve had 60 people register their interest in coming to Sundown 2006. We have a capacity of 100 people maximum, so if you’re interested in coming, please let me know! ( I’m also working on linking people from airports and trainstations to Budleigh, so if you need help with that final journey, let me [...]

29th Aug 06

Sundown 2006 Old School Invite!

Ate:Bit have done an incredible invite that already has received a great response on Pouet, and on behalf of everyone behind Sundown I’d like to thank EvilPaul and co. for their awesome efforts.

7th Aug 06

Just so you know

Sundown is taking place on the 6th-8th October in Budleigh Salterton in Devon! Please explore all the links on the right for more information. Secondly, I’ll be getting Danbee to fix the CSS issues soon (IE users having uber trouble!) - bear with us!

6th Aug 06

The Website is Here!

Finally, after weeks (um, actually more like hours) of hard labour, the Sundown 2006 site is up and running proper loike. You will find all the info you need through the links down the side, and here you will see news and other updates as they happen. Give us a few hours while we fix [...]

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