Type Demoparty
Url www.syntaxparty.org
Date july 2007, 21st - 22nd
Location unknown,
Links pouet csdb slengpung scene.org
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Credits Gaia
  »Syntax is a computer festival, dedicated solely to the demoscene. We figured it was about time that Melbourne (and for that matter, the rest of eastern Australia) hold a demoscene event – something seriously needed down here for some years now. So check out the site, get a production on the go and we'll see you at the party!«

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11th Jul 07

Venue Confirmed, Compos Confirmed.

It is official. Syntax has a Venue! You can find out where on the information page

by poti //
30th May 07

Registration System Online

The official Registration system is now online!! Let us know that you are coming to Syntax party by registering yourself. This way we can make sure there is a party place waiting for you (aka. table space with 240v power!)

by poti //
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