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16th Dec 05

Travel Information added

tUM also added information on how to get to the partyplace: Take a look.

by poti //
16th Dec 05

Pornophonique on stage

You know them from Breakpoint: Pornophonique will be live on stage at tUM on tuesday night. And they will sell their CDs and some merchandise.

by poti //
9th Dec 05

Deadline for long-distance-travellers

All people who are thinking about making use of the reduced entrance fee for long-distance-travellers: the deadline for sending the organizers your inquiry is set to 18th december. please contact them in advance using the contact form.

by poti //
8th Dec 05

No bunks at the partyplace

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our location is smaller than the last two years. Therefore unless you want to sleep beneath your table you should preferably try some of the hotels.

by poti //
5th Dec 05

Individual Computers sponsors tUM

Individual Computers is known for a lot of hardware expansions with great scene-spirit, and have sponsored scene-events since 1996. This is the second year in a row that they're sponsoring tUM, and this year it's going to be special, because they're sponsoring a whole competition.

by poti //
29th Nov 05

DJs wanted

Are you a good DJ? Like last year we have some nice DJ Equipment in our chillour area (2 Technics SL 1210 turntables, 2 Pioneer DJM 600 CD players and t' usual other stuff you need t' mix music). So if you want t' let our visitors dance then just contact us! Your chances t' get some rare timeslots rise enormously if you send us a mp3 o' a set from you.

by poti //
20th Nov 05

Creative Commons License again

Seems like we made a mistake with t' creative commons license proposed by us. It's fixed now. Sorry for t' confusion.

by poti //
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