Type Demoparty
Date july 2020, 9th - 12th
Location Binger Wald,
Binger Wald, near Bingen am Rhein
Credits scamp
  »After half a year of love-cockfighting to get the location again after this years excess (complaints from a famous German TV cook not being able to land his helicopter as our main hall tent on his landing pad came as a surprise to him...) we've made it to get the grounds for a second time - the most beautiful demoparty location ever.
So here it is again, the one and only 4 day hardcore outdoor camping demoparty with a mind-boggling amount of completely overdone features nobody asked for. Proven to be very offensive in every possible regard, too: Voted most boycotted demoparty for 9 years in a row!«

Location Images

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July 2020

August 2020

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