Type Demoparty
Url uc8.untergrund.net
Date june 2017, 15th - 18th
Location UC - secret,
In the dark forests close to Frankfurt/Hahn Airport, Germany
Credits scamp
  »One of Germanys oldest demoscene parties is making a return. 11 years after its last installment in 2006, Underground Conference will be back. And it won't be some shitty retro event, but what it always used to be: The most HARDCORE Demoparty ever. No lamers, no gamers, but ELITE-only. The fucking best organizing, the fucking best compos, and the fucking best fucking spirit.
Brought to you by main-organizer scamp (of Breakpoint fame) and team of top of the crop hardcore organizers, this will beat all your expectations and fears.
This event is invitation-only.«

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