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      UnOfficial Dreamhack '99 results

      Saying once again that Dreamhack organizing is lame wont hurt them.
      It's about two weeks since the party was held and no results or
      anything! Damn, all those prods. at Scene Org. are uploaded by
      sceners themselves. Since many of you don't know anything about
      the results, here's the top 3 from the main compos as I remember
      it. Oh, and did I already say that results suck, too? :)
      Thanks to Steffo for covering some gaps in the results.

      Non-accelerated demo

      1. Razor 1911: Mindstammer
      2. Alpha Millenium Crew
      3. Acid Rain: Could Be You
      ?. Retro AC: Superstar DJ

      Accelerated demo

      1. TMB: AlCastone
      2. Replay: Dun[
      3. Koma: Ignorence

      64k intro

      1. Mofo
      2. Noice
      3. Woorlic: Barbadence Day
      ?. Aardbei: Cashcow
      ?. Replay: Clean
      ?. Tazadum: Fiesta Mexicana

      Music Wild

      1. Steffo and Haake: Darkness Dreamhack
      2. Dizth: Dance in a Cathedral
      3. Sombie: I love you

      Music trackered

      1. Perra: Elajt
      2. ?
      3. pUs: Vi borjade hata

      GFX pixeled

      1. Java: Anglar finns dom?
      2. Adam: ?
      3. Cliffhanger: Borlange kicking bitches

      GFX raytrace
      1. Tudor