VIP 2019 Overview
Type Demoparty
Date june 2019, 28th - 30th
Location 2 rue de la grande demoiselle,
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Credits BouB
  »We are glad to announce the new edition of the VIP Demoparty :)
This year, it will be held from 28th to 30th of June in Thoissey / France (North of Lyon) in the same cosy venue as the last years.
As we had the first VIP Demoparty during July 1999, it's been 20 years already !!
Like every year, this year is going to be a "have fun & produce" organization with your usual New School and Old School compos (demos / intros / zik / gfx / ...).
Unlike every year, as this will be the 20th Anniversary Edition, expect some surprises !
We hope you're going to feel at home with the demoscene family :)
By the way, don't be afraid if you are a newcomer, people will kindly help you and make you feel comfortable !
So come to celebrate 20 years of VIP DemoParty and enjoy the party with us!
See you there!
(website available very soon)«

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