demoparties are creative gatherings of a subculture called demoscene. for some people there are similarities to lan-parties, art festivals or even woodstock.

LEGEND: a demoparty


Evoke 2014, 1st Aug 14

Lug00ber will be playing!

On the after-compo night, we got basshead and breakbeat afficionado lug00ber to keep you raving. For over a decade he has been championing the sound of powerful bass and massive beats, providing soundtracks for a string of great demos and releasing music through Dub Monkey Records and Nordic Breakbeat Conspiracy (yes, they got their own label too). Back in his home town of Oslo, Norway, he is also a resident DJ at the weekly SubPub night at underground club Maksitaksi. Expect a soulful selection of nice and rolling tunes fit for a summer night, with some occasional thwacks from the Norse bass hammer in between to keep you on your toes. Put on your dancing shoes and share the after compo buzz with us and lug00ber. 

Slengpung, 31st Jul 14

Northern lights have arrived

The first batches of pics from Nordlicht 2014 have arrived, by Jasmin68k, Ford Prefect and yours truly.

Evoke 2014, 30th Jul 14

Dissecting Odyssey & Hardwired by Fasih Sayin

Fasih Sayin from Crytek Istanbul will be looking at the classic Crionics and Silents demo and compare it to Alcatraz´ work from a professional story telling point of view.

Be there in our seminar area on Saturday at 19:00. Read more about it on our event page.

Evoke 2014, 28th Jul 14

Seminar on the Cultural Commons Collecting Society

We have invited Wolfgang & m.eik to discuss the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S SCE) with you: they will give you an insight on what this next generation collecting society is, answer your most burning questions & discuss your wildest ideas! 

Be part of it on Saturday at 13:00 and read more about their seminar on the events page.

Demodays 2014, 27th Jul 14

Competition rules

It took a while: the competition rules have been finalized and published. There's not much change compared to the last year's rules, so you're good to go with that production you didn't finish for the Demodays 2013! Please also have a look at the information block about Remote entries. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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