demoparties are creative gatherings of a subculture called demoscene. for some people there are similarities to lan-parties, art festivals or even woodstock.

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Evoke 2018, 21st Jun 18

Ticket prices & start of presale

Some good news up front: the ticket price stays at 35 Euro (for the regular tickets). Supporter tickets are available at 200 Euro. More information is available on the website.

With that information available we start the presale today! 

And just like the last years: it´s perfectly fine to pay the entrance fee at the door. Presale ticket owners will not have any privileges. You decide what is most convenient for you! 

Evoke 2018, 15th Jun 18

Compo rules are online

Finally here they are: the 2018 compo rules.

Minor tweaks have been done to some compos but let's outline the major differences:

  • If you would like to part in the pixel graphic competition you should take a look at this year's palette. It looks a lot like the one from pico 8. Damn. It even is!
  • In addition to that we would like to give the ansi / ascii compo a new spin: we will limit the height to one screen. At least for this year! Try to cramp all your creativity into those 25 lines.

Beneath that the tracker music compo rules are still missing. We will add them rather sooner than later!

With all of this information: start finishing your productions! Of drop us a note in case of questions!

Evoke 2018, 7th Jun 18

This Evoke: Seminars for Everyone

This year at Evoke we give seminar opportunities to everyone!

We are calling for: Lightning Seminars!

The rule is simple: You have discovered something interesting? Some tiny little detail or a big one, where you think: Yeap! That is something for Evoke. This might be stuff like: Just one thing (you made, explored...)

So nice. Then hand it over to Evoke!

We are searching for contributions for about 5-20 Minutes, that are suitable for a sort of mini-seminar. We will have some of them in a row.

Put your pitches or thoughts using our contact form ...and don't worry. We will take care of it. So better send than to be sorry!

Evoke 2018, 19th May 18

Simply Evoke in 2018

Pure and simple demoscene fun will happen again in Cologne this year! Meet us and all of your friends at AbenteuerHallen Kalk during the mid of August (17th to 19th to be precise).

Setting up the website took a little bit longer but we are finally online. Quite a lot of information is still missing at the moment but we will add them very soonish. To keep up with those news stick to out newsletter, twitter or simply come back often.

Meanwhile you may register yourself so that we, your group mates and friends know that you are planning to come! 

Multimatograf 2018, 30th Apr 18

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