Type Demoparty
Date may 1993, 29th - 31st
Location Svenska Mässan,
Systems Amiga, PC, Atari, C64
Links pouet demoscene.tv scene.org
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Credits René Madenmann
  »You are welcome to The Computer Crossroad, which is the first of a new generation of demo parties arranged by the top groups on the Amiga, PC, Atari and C64 scenes. With "a new generation" we mean that these parties are for all computer brands, therefore the witty name "The Computer Crossroad". This is the party for ALL hackers. We mention only the four brands Amiga, PC, Atari and C64, because we believe that they are the most popular computers in Europe. With "the first", we mean that there will be a party here in Gothenburg even next year, and every year from now on.
There will be competitions for demo programmers, music composers and graphic artists. These competitions will only be for the above mentioned computers.

May 1993
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