Type Demoparty
Url www.euskal.org
Date july 2014, 24th - 27th
Location BEC Bizkaia,
Barakaldo, Bilbao
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Credits klondike
  »The largest party of Spain and one of the few which still keep their scener roots.«


7th May 14

Scener area seats at Euskal Encounter

As other years there will be an area reserved for the sceners at Euskal Encounter. If you have made contributions to the scene or plan on competing on the scene competitions and want to sit with other sceners you should drop a mail to Olatz requesting to be seated there.

The places are the ones in yellow on the center of the seat map and are in front of the main screens so they can be a bit noisy at times (but allow for really nice viewing of the productions presented). Of course sitting in the scene area is not mandatory as many would prefer to go away from the speakers so they can concentrate on their prods.

The seats are usually assigned on a First Come First Served basis and are limited, so reserve yours as early as you can!

by klondike //
22nd Apr 14

Official BBS

This is the official BBS for the party.

by ζχψωβ //
22nd Apr 14

Preinscription opens on the 28th of April

The preinscription process of Euskal Encounter will open on the 28th of April. During the preinscription process you'll be able to input any personal data and arrange your group but you'll not be able to reserve tickets yet. Inscriptions themselves (and thus ticket reservations) will start at 10am (CEST so 8 am UCT) on the 8th of May. Then you will be able to make a reservation and the payment for the tickets of your group once it is confirmed. Of course, once inscription is open you can still input your personal data and manage your groups but you risk having less chances of getting a ticket. For more info on the procedures for reservation just follow the link.

by klondike //
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