demoparties are creative gatherings of a subculture called demoscene. for some people there are similarities to lan-parties, art festivals or even woodstock.

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Assembly Summer Fall 2020, 17th May 20

Assembly Summer 2020 rescheduled

We are committed to hold a safe event for our participants and staff as well. Therefore, due to Covid-19, we have made a decision to reschedule Assembly Summer 2020 to October.
Assembly Summer 2020 Fall edition will be held on THU-SUN 15th Oct to 18th Oct. The event will be held in the same space as Winter events, halls 4-5, so some changes to programme are likely, as we won't have as much space as normally in the summer event. We are planning to reopen the ticket sales when we get the maps in place, that would be in early June. We will announce the dates for the ticket sales when we know them.
We firmly believe this is the best decision in this situation. Corona doesn’t affect the dates of next year, so Winter 2021 will happen in February and Summer 2021 in early August as normally.
If you have already purchased a ticket, you can get a refund for it according to terms of service or move it to be used on October event or Winter 2021 event. We will contact all ticket buyers separately within two weeks for further details.

by poti //
Sommarhack 2020, 14th May 20


SARS-CoV-2 sucks.

But screw it, we're not going into a Netflix-coma.

Instead the Sommarhack demo, graphics, music and medres competitions will run as a streamed event. As long as we have the hardware, it will run live from real computers like it has always done at Sommarhack (with all quirks and mistakes it involves).

We're also extending the stream by having a themed demo show, seminar and a DJ-set. We hope that it will be an enjoyable Atari evening!

Everyone who have bought tickets for Sommarhack 2020 will have their ticket either refunded or made valid for Sommarhack 2021. Check your e-mail box for details. People who bought tickets will be eligable to vote in the compos as well as everyone who send in remote entries.

by poti //
Solskogen 2020, 12th May 20

We’re going online

There’s no need for a preamble here; everyone knows what’s going on around the world, but for future readers, here’s the gist of it: the COVID-19 pandemic is making it impossible for us to make Solskogen 2020 – our last Solskogen ever – in the regular way.

by poti //
Gubbdata 2020, 29th Apr 20

Moving online...

OK. SORRY GUBBS! GUBBDATA 2020 WILL BE AN ONLINE EVENT ONLY THIS YEAR! I regret to inform you all that we can't take the risks having the party as usual due to the Corona outbreak, recent law changes in Sweden, the Swedish government's recommendations, and also the policies of the School where the party is held, but don't be too sad: The School has a professional pod-studio, and all compos and all events will be shown and discussed. Stream will be available on Twitch and hopefully even Scenesat. Main hosts will be hedning/GP and Phreedh/HmF, and special guests will run demo shows, interviews, compos and more! All compos and shows will be run on real hardware, and streamed through our RetroTink and HDMI, and multiple cameras will capture both the smaller BBQ and the reactions of the people being invited as special guests.

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Birdie Online 30, 28th Apr 20

Birdie goes online

Every year, thousands of gamers, sceners and LANers come to Uppsala to take part in the classic Birdie festival, but this year's event will be online due to Covid-19. Almost everything we did on site in the IFU Arena we will be able to implement online. During festival days, Birdie 30 will broadcast live and pre-recorded material from ESEN eSports TV studio. E-sport tournaments with finals, the demo scene with fantastic digital creations, funtours on the night, music, film screening together with Uppsala short film festival, photo competition with Uppsala photo festival, playing with the Salon Orchestra and much more. The goal is to create a nice Birdie feel for all gamers who are isolated at home. This year's Birdie will be available to everyone and costs nothing to share!

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