demoparties are creative gatherings of a subculture called demoscene. for some people there are similarities to lan-parties, art festivals or even woodstock.

LEGEND: a demoparty


Slengpung, 29th Oct 17

The Party 1994 in full colour!

After having only a few b/w pics from the legendary TP 1994, we proudly present to you a whole heap of photos in full colour, preserved and scanned by Thorion/ex-TRSI. We don't recognise most people on them, so if you do, please leave a comment under the photo!

Slengpung, 12th Oct 17

Deadline 2017

Fresh pictures from Deadline 1997, err Deadline 2017, brought to you by ted, KeyJ and yours truly!

Slengpung, 20th Sep 17

Assembly 1999

More new old pictures! This time, styx has provided use a few pictures from Assembly 1999.

Slengpung, 17th Sep 17

Function 2017

One of the best scene events this year has happened in Budapest and I made pictures to prove it!

Slengpung, 3rd Sep 17

Saturne 1996

A new batch of old pictures: I found the Saturne 1996 pictures by Gasonics on the "Mods Anthology" CD set and mirrored them on Slengpung.

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