demoparties are creative gatherings of a subculture called demoscene. for some people there are similarities to lan-parties, art festivals or even woodstock.

LEGEND: a demoparty


Evoke 2018, 13th Aug 18

One of a kind trophies

This years trophies for the competition winners will be as unique as their releases. Sensenstahl teamed up with Chunna and Der Andere and together that came up with the design for our one of a kind trophies.

Do you remember Sensenstahl's Revision release "Blocker"? The Evoke trophies are made the same way but this time everything is made out of marble.



Evoke 2018, 12th Aug 18

Seminar: Building Poo 64k Demos with SqrMelon

Tropical Trevor will show us some insights about how Poo-Brain made their price-winning 64k demos. He will live showcase the tool "SrqMelon", that he built for making the demos. The tool is meanwhile open-source, so joining this seminar will be a good invest for all the people who want to make demos. 

Evoke 2018, 12th Aug 18

Complete musical programme

As Evoke 2018 is just a few days ahead, we can present you today with the complete musical programme. In addition to the acts we announced during the previous weeks, we'll have local bass music DJ Bassador, demoscene veteran DJefke, and Evoke residents Black Maiden Hi-Fi shaking your heads and feet. See you in a couple of days!

Evoke 2018, 8th Aug 18

Evoke BBQ music program

Evoke 2018 will have everything your BBQ needs. Here are artists making snacking the wurst or the beer or the bread with veggie inside much, much more fun.

The music session is a Cologne artist exploration. The music stage will be pleased by Nodepond doing just the right amount of weirdness, Damian T. Dziwis exploring music and code with one line of code, you will love. After that, Eric Svensen will take on and prepare this still young Saturday close to a techno explosion before compo time!

Take me to the events.

Evoke 2018, 8th Aug 18

Saturday DJ set: Wintermute

We are very happy to announce our musical headliner for the compo night: Wintermute from Leipzig/Germany, a renown drum'n'bass DJ and producer who released on some of the scene's biggest labels such as Blackout Music and Cause4Concern, but also on the demoscene-related netlabel NoSYS Productions. Expect a set of techno- and soul-influenced drum and bass, meandering between high-tech funk and ambient explorations. Read more info on Wintermute here.

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