News in February 2006

Nightshift 2006, 28th Feb 06

Compo Awards Announced!

Nightshift Organizers just announced the prices for their upcoming party. Among them is a Game Cube Console (1st price demo compo), a Nintendo DS (2nd price demo compo), a Graphic Tablet and much more. As a special price they have two tickets for the Formula 1 race in august! See the complete list here.

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Breakpoint 2006, 28th Feb 06

A few pre-party schedule updates

The hotel reservation system will be launched early next week (around March 7th). Please do NOT call hotels directly, you won't get a discount then. The Breakpoint invitation demo, explaining the whole background story about this years party theme, is going to be released at the end of next week (around March 10th). The shuttle reservation system for visitors arriving at the Frankfurt-Hahn and Frankfurt(Main) Airports will be launched around March 15th.

21st Feb 06

Update your user profiles

We have made a small update to the user profiles. It´s possible to upload a user photo now. In addition we added links to other scene portals (like ojuice, pouet, slengpung) and instant messaging information (the later is only available to other logged in users). Enjoy :)

digiLAB 2006, 13th Feb 06

Open demo compo with 650€ cash prize

As Duckers wrote on pouet: "And by this post, i hope some of you will consider making a prod (demo, gfx, music, whatever) for digilab. All compos are OPEN, which means you don't have to be present at the party to contribute or win prizes. Just email you contribution to or post it on"

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Pilgrimage 2006, 13th Feb 06

Joining Forces with Protocol 42

Pilgrimage 2006 will combine event venues, dates and times with Protocol 42, Utah's largest independent LAN party. This gives Pilgrimage 2006 its best venue ever, 36 continuous hours of party time, tables, seating and networking all provided with the assistance of Protocol 42! Details will follow on both organizations web sites in the next few days.

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Nightshift 2006, 10th Feb 06

Shopping open a shop at party place to sell some hardware, books and dvds. There will be special Nightshop discount for only party dates. Do not miss to chance for buying a lovely MMC64 (: Also, there will be a special corner for people who want to sell or trade their retro stuff. Only in Nightshift!

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Breakpoint 2006, 10th Feb 06

Compo news

Some updates on the organizers pages and the PC compo rules (Java/.NET is allowed again, because it has been requested several times). Also, the theme for the Theme Graphics compo has just been announced: it is "scene spirits".

fmx/06, 9th Feb 06

fmx/06 wants your demos

Just like last year the leading international event for digital creation fmx/06 features a "Realtime Film Festival"! In their demo category you definately should submit your latest demos or intros. Note that you can either submit new, exclusive demos but also re-releases of your existing demos!

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Nullarbor 2006, 9th Feb 06

Submission info

The submission system is now open! 10 days left till nullarbor submissions close!

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Nullarbor 2006, 8th Feb 06


Entries for Nullarbor will automatically be submitted to the National Youth Week launch showcase festival in WA. This option is open to everyone who is from WA and is 25 or under. In addition Revelation Perth International Film Festival may be showing nullarbor entries as part of the digital fesitval.

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DiHalt 2006, 2nd Feb 06

Contribution notice

We have started accepting contributions to all competitions. Send us your productions to Size of the mail is unlimited (we hope you're not insane ;-) ). And we notice: if you wish contribute the party but you don't have any chances to be at the partyplace, we'll send to you diploma by mail in case if you be a star of the show. :-)

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