News in May 2006

Outline 2006, 30th May 06

Travel info updated

Important news for people coming to Outline 2006 from or through Germany: Due to long-term road maintenance near Babberich (DE), we updated the travel info. Please take care coming to Outline :)

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Codex Alpe Adria 2006, 28th May 06


Codex moves to a new, more comfortable location for the 2006 edition.

by poti //
Slengpung, 28th May 06

Yet Another Austrian Gathering

Adok gifted us some photos from the latest Austrian Scene Meeting - check!

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Codex Alpe Adria 2006, 27th May 06

Website update

The event site for the Italian demoparty has just been updated

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Outline 2006, 25th May 06

Competition Rules

The initial competition rules have been put online.
Available Competition Hardware is still under scrutiny, but as you can see in the general rules, we're a pretty. easy-going bunch.

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Chaos Constructions 2006, 19th May 06

chaos constructions 6 invitation compo

For more than 10 years we are bringing you the best of Soviet scene! This time organisers have announced the invitation competition and even forked out some cash - 500 bucks for prizes. You can code a prod for any platform you want, as long as it promotes this soviet party and brainwashes people into making more prods for it. The deadline to submit your invitations by is 26th of June!
Read all about CC compos and about this invitation compo there!

by randomi //
Scene Event 2006, 15th May 06

Scene Event Cancelled

Scene Event 2006 is cancelled due to lack of organizers.

by poti //
Outline 2006, 11th May 06

Outline website relaunched

Outline has relaunched their website with a spanking new layout and guest registration. Be sure to keen an eye out for the Competition rules and roadmaps, coming soon!

by Shifter //
Slengpung, 10th May 06

More FMX

I added a small batch of my FMX photos, only a few because Gloom already seemed to add the good ones :D

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Slengpung, 9th May 06

That Party in Bingen....

Yeah, right, more pictures. MadenMann provided his nice set of BP06 pictures. Thanks!

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Slengpung, 8th May 06

Pictures from The Gathering 2006

Finally some pictures from The Gathering 2006 - really excellent quality! Taken by Neon.

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Slengpung, 8th May 06

Trip to FMX 2006

I recently visited FMX 2006, doing demoscene outreach for A couple of cool sceners where there, so I snapped some pictures. :)

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Assembly 2006, 7th May 06

Compo Rules 2006 Published

The compo rules for ASSEMBLY 2006 have been published. Go find them at
The Drawn graphics themes will be announced next week. The gaming compos, participation instructions and prizes will be announced a bit later.

by poti //
Outline 2006, 3rd May 06

Outline 2006 performances

We are proud to present to you the first two live music acts to perform at the Outline 2006 demoparty, early june in Zevenaar, NL: 303f and gwEm.

A big "Thank You!" must go out to the involved artists, and the Demozone organisation for providing us with a PA setup.

by sparcus //
Breakpoint 2006, 3rd May 06

First Batch of Seminar Videos

The first batch of the Breakpoint 2006 seminar videos is now available for download.
The missing videos of the other seminars will follow soon.

Maximum Overdose 7, 2nd May 06

Live act

we are proud to present you the 8bit riot-rockers naomi sample and the gogo ghosts live @ datadisko on friday night.

by poti //
X 2006, 2nd May 06

Jeroen Tell

Jeroen Tel will perform live this year at the X party !

by poti //
Simulaatio 4, 2nd May 06

Cool Features & Bus Trip

Remember the cool features you are allowed to use in compos: 5.1 audio and Anaglyphic 3D. Bus Trip update: Seats left, so you are still able to buy tickets!

by poti //
2nd May 06

Set your position!

You are now able to set a very accurate position of yourself for! Take a look at your user profile.
In addition it is possible to submit this for parties as well. Take a look at the sign and gain some points.

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Slengpung, 1st May 06

A total new Party, a good start, HSM#1

What a great party!. Back from the first "Hamburg Scene Meeting" Pictures kindly provided by Main-Organiser cyraxx.

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