News in June 2006

backslash 2006, 22nd Jun 06

compo info

so here it is, the first version of our compo info. we've made some changes to the rules since last year, even though they are pretty much the same. the only major change is that we're now allowing all platforms in what used to be the 32k chip compo, which is now called "16bit music". check them out!

by poti //
Buenzli 15, 21st Jun 06

Best-Of Competitions: HP Jury Prize

Just like last year, HP Invent is supporting Buenzli with a high end workstation PC which is going to be our competition PC. And it's getting even better: Win the Buenzli 15 compo PC in our best-of competition: A demoscene-jury will reward the best releases from all competition entries at Buenzli 15. Competing at Buenzli makes you an aspirant for a high end workstation PC!

Evoke 2006, 21st Jun 06

Evoke 2006 website launched

Finally the Evoke 2006 website is launched at! It already contains travel instructions, compo rules and other important information. And you can register yourself if you're thinking about coming. Other info will come up here really soon, so you should check the page regularly to stay tuned about Evoke 2006.

Slengpung, 11th Jun 06

And a few more.

Uploaded a few more pics from Outline, please help us identifying all those Atari sceners!

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Slengpung, 10th Jun 06

More pictures from Finland and Germany

Just a couple of more pics from Simulaatio 4, thanks to nrg and sir garbagetruck. The latter also submitted a few more shots from Breakpoint 06

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Slengpung, 9th Jun 06

More Outline 2006

Avoozl submitted an additional pack of picks from the Atari party where everybody was invited. Go take a peek at them Photos here!

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Buenzli 15, 8th Jun 06

Buenzli 15 banners & buttons

We've added a new collection of banners and a button! Feel free to use them on your website linking to the Buenzli 15 page! Once you link us, we'll gladly add a backlink to your page, too. Download the images from our Link Us page.

Assembly 2006, 5th Jun 06

Prizes published

Assembly 2006 competition prizes have been made public here. Please note, that we are currently rewriting the competitions pages, so there will be new refreshed information avaible to you shortly (how to submit entries, how we are voting etc).
Welcome to participate to the Assembly 2006 competitions!

by poti //
Slengpung, 5th Jun 06

Outline 2006

Just came back from Outline, an Atari event open to other platforms in Zevenaar, Netherlands. It was great. Friendly visitors, caring organizers, good weather, delicious Gimbap... Check out the photos and regret that you weren't there!

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Slengpung, 4th Jun 06

Better late than never

Proteque, Tft, Basscadet and Blueflame all delivered their pictures from Breakpoint 2006, and now they're actually online \o/

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Slengpung, 4th Jun 06

Finland won the eurovision

.. and we celebrated it at a demoparty. Pictures from Simulaatio 4 are up. Thanks to teel and jobe.

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Slengpung, 4th Jun 06


Added 11 pictures from the first #demo.ger BBQ (Afterparty for Kleene's Birthday), kindly provided by slashy, thanks!

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