News in March 2008

Slengpung, 31st Mar 08

Surprise surprise, even more from BP08

Another batch from Breakpoint 2008, thanks to Kyber and the danish underpants brigade for pictures

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Inspire Demoparty 2008, 28th Mar 08

Demo compo rules updated

We decided to allow .NET and Java entries for the demo competition. Now, show us what you can do in these platforms.

Evoke 2008, 28th Mar 08

location problems

sorry guys, we still have some problems with the location and date. hold your horses and your bookings, we will announce a final date/location SOON!
if you already booked your flight and the date will change, we will still glad to welcome you in cologne and we will have a special treat you ;)

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ReWired 2008, 27th Mar 08

Invitations Released

Okay ! Update time ! Those present at Breakpoint and readers of Pouët will already know that we have released invitations for Rewired on C64 and PC last weekend. The C64 version got a cool 3rd place and the PC one a very respectable 16th. You can download the versions for C64 and PC by clicking the corresponding links below - if you want to discuss them check the Pouët pages for both C64 and PC invitation the C64 version also has a CSDB entry. Enjoy !
Download the C64 Invitation
Download the PC Invitation

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Inspire Demoparty 2008, 27th Mar 08

Invitation executable 4 kilobytes graphics

We presented the invitation production for Inspire last eastern weekend at the great Breakpoint 2008 party in Germany. Get it here or here. Take care its slow to run (needs half minute to render in mono-core machines).

Slengpung, 27th Mar 08

BP2008 - Digital Swamp

My batch of Breakpoint 2008 photos. Explicit mudwrestling warning!

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Slengpung, 27th Mar 08

The Meltdown XVI 2007

No breakpoint pictures in here .. but lost pictures from The Meltdown suddenly showed up from nowhere ..

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Slengpung, 27th Mar 08

More Mudpoint 2008 pictures!

Kindly provided by Charlie & Yaka. Go check them out!

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Slengpung, 26th Mar 08

More mudpoint

Quarryman gave me some pics. So did Teis, but the latter will only show up once i get my ssh working :)

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Slengpung, 24th Mar 08

Breakpoint '08 - photos are up

It was hell of a party once again, with many nice people around and some magnificent entries. Here are some pictures I shot from Saturday evening on. Enjoy!

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Inspire Demoparty 2008, 22nd Mar 08

Inspire Web Site is UP!!

Inspire Demoscene Event The Inspire team and rgba proudly announce that the Inspire demoscene event will take place from 9 to 11 May 2008, as announced, in Errenteria, Guipuzkoa (close to San Sebastian), Spain. Party attendees will have a bed for free in a youth hostal near by, accessible by bus.

Buenzli 17, 20th Mar 08

Buenzli 17 Pre-Information

BUENZLI 17 - 15/16/17 August 2008


We are more than happy to announce Buenzli 17! Preparations have started, and we’ll soon launch the new website. If you want information on that happening and everything else going on around Buenzli 17, just subscribe to our RSS, email-newsletter or SMS newsletter. We’ll keep you posted! Buenzli 17 will feature the usual competitions and MORE! Be sure to take a few days off and visit your favourite Swiss party!



Breakpoint 2008, 18th Mar 08

Bus shuttle

Just as in previous years, Breakpoint 2008 is featuring a free bus service connecting the party location with the inner city (hotels, train station etc). The Busses will be going non-stop from 09:00 in the morning till 04:00 in the night.

by poti //
Icons 2008, 18th Mar 08

Ye gods, weve been announced!

The good word is starting to spread! Icons 2008 has so far been announced at, Bitfellas, Facebook and other sites. Thanks for spreading the word!

Breakpoint 2008, 17th Mar 08

Airport bus shuttle & Hotel reservation

The Airport bus shuttle registration is about to close. In case you are arriving at Frankfurt-Main (FRA) or Hahn (HHN) airport and haven't registered for the shuttle busses, please do so right now. Registration will close on Monday 15:00.
All the hotel rooms are allocated now, and the hotel registration has been closed (you can probably still get rooms at NH Hotel Bingen if you want; check the hotels page for details).
We will also close the Social Ticket registration on Tuesday, March 18th, at 18:00 MET. If you're late but still want to apply for a social ticket, please do so now.

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Icons 2008, 13th Mar 08

Icons 2008 website and competitions announced

Organizers of Icons announced the 2008 competitions to the public. Highlighting some unusual ones: Natural Media, Soundtrack compo and 1k Intro. Remote entries are allowed.

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Breakpoint 2008, 7th Mar 08

Another bunch of updates

Some more news on the Breakpoint website: concerts (Reyn Ouwehand and Xerxes & Romeo Knight), unofficial ansi compo, compo PC specs updated and timetable update.

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Breakpoint 2008, 2nd Mar 08 Awards: The nominees are ready!

The Awards jury has worked day and night to prepare this years list of nominees, and here they are! Browse our awards-section to explore, download and view the nominees in each category.
The winners will be announced at the Awards show, which takes place during easter weekend at the Breakpoint demo party in Bingen, Germany

by poti //
X 2008, 2nd Mar 08

X-2008 Party opens website

The X-2008 opens up his website. Check out our special performance of this year!

by poti //

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