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Evoke 2008, 29th Apr 08

Date and location fixed

Date and location for Evoke 2008 have finally been fixed. As previously announced the party is going to be 8th-10th august in Vulkanhalle, Köln.

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Slengpung, 27th Apr 08

Better late...

Finally uploaded a selection of my pics from Breakpoint. Thanks fly to Pan for helping with some extra shots.

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Inspire Demoparty 2008, 25th Apr 08


The budget for prizes will come directly from the tickets. But anyway you didn’t expect to become rich at Inspire, did you? Inspire Demoscene Event awards the effort put on productions and/or final quality, and so prizes will be given regardless categories. We will do our best to judge correctly all the entries (and we will [...]

ReWired 2008, 25th Apr 08


For those that would like to link to Rewired, well - THEY CAN! Odruce us to Intrallow the banners and buttons page.

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GREP Green 2008, 25th Apr 08


Updated prepay info at the about section.

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Assembly 2008, 25th Apr 08

Compo Rules Draft Published

The rules draft for the demoscene compos for next Assembly Summer have been published. Check out the changes from the changelog. Comments, feedback and questions are welcome!.

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Assembly 2008, 25th Apr 08

Ticket sales starts 1.6!

Advance ticket sales to ASSEMBLY Summer start on 1st of June 2008. Registration starts on 24th of May. More info is available on the Tickets section of the site.

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Assembly 2008, 25th Apr 08

Demoscene area moved, lounge added

The demoscene area (formerly known as the oldskool area) is a special area for all the creative people and active/old demosceners. It's moved back to the third floor, and we've added a special lounge ready with a big screen and audio system for you to show off your demo collections, do some DJ/VJing or otherwise pull of something special.

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Inspire Demoparty 2008, 23rd Apr 08

Internet link confirmed

It’s just 2 week before Inspire starts. Are you working on your productions already? Haven’t registered yet?! We’re working hard to make Inspire a wonderful gathering, so we are pleased to confirm that Telefonica will be providing an internet link. You’ll be able to read mail and news, chat with your friends and surf [...]

Slengpung, 23rd Apr 08

Old party gems

mbb/TUM has been so kind to provide us with pictures from several old parties. Enjoy the new photos of Ambience 2001, Dialogos 2000, Evoke 2000, Interjam 2000, Mekka&Symposium 2001, UC3D and UC4GW. Thanks a lot, mbb! And if anyone else has taken photos from old demoparties - feel free to contact us! It's a pleasure to preserve them.

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22nd Apr 08

3rd annual Intel Demo Competition

The Intel Demo Competition is back. This year with the same ruleset as last year. That means that you have to apply to compete in order to become part of the competition. From all the applicants 4 teams get chosen to compete against last years winner STILL.

You apply for the competition by submitting what you think was your best demo so far. An international jury will decide who competes and who not solely by the quality of the submitted demo.

If you get chosen to compete you will recieve a full blown PC with an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 CPU. The winner will get even more PCs :)

To apply go to and/or check out this thread on Pouët. Deadline for the application is the 25th of april 2008. Have fun!

ReWired 2008, 16th Apr 08

Updated Travel Information

For those coming with public transport such as bus and train we now have an updated travel page online with all the required information. For those coming by car there also is a detailed route description downloadble in PDF containing all the intersections that matter.

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Icons 2008, 15th Apr 08

Icons @ Breakpoint!

Finally, images from Breakpoint! As some BP visitors may have noticed, there was a small Icons tent outside for your leisure. Given the snow, the mud, the rain and all, a nifty shelter doesn’t sound that bad at all, does it? Did you visit?

Outline 2008, 9th Apr 08

Outline 2008 presales open!

For those who missed it, the presale of tickets to Outline 2008 is now open! You can find all the gory details on but the bottom line is that you can save 10 euros if you pay in advance. Yes, that's right, we're 10 euros *cheaper* than f.ex. Breakpoint and there's beds, breakfast, obscure computers and unlimited atari-style cozyness for everyone!

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Buenzli 17, 7th Apr 08

Buenzli 17 Wallpaper

Because of the all positive feedback on this year’s Buenzli #17 flyer, Genox decided to create a wallpaper out of the graphics. It looks awesome on desktops! Get it here (in normal/wide formats) and if you like it, tell Genox about it in his comment area.

Slengpung, 5th Apr 08

Breakpoint and Evoke

Big up to Thec, Synteesi and s7ing/alcatraz. All of them handed over yet more stuff from Breakpoint 2008, the latter also some pictures from Evoke 2007.

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Slengpung, 5th Apr 08

More BP

More pictures from Breakpoint, regards to TMA for the pictures

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Slengpung, 4th Apr 08

Massive BP08 update

A large chunk of very explicit pics of Breakpoint 2008 have been added, thanks to: DJ Joge, Mystra, Mice and Keito. WARNING: Nude male backsides visible!

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Slengpung, 2nd Apr 08

Keep 'em coming: More from Breakpoint 2008

And yet some more Breakpoint 2008 photos, supplied by Impetigo/Crescent. Thanks!

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