News in October 2008

Slengpung, 27th Oct 08

Old and new: Sundown + X

Big up to m0d for Sundown pics and Jailbird for pics from X 2008!

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Slengpung, 27th Oct 08

More TRSAC2008

More pictures from the only danish party in 2008, thanks to Kyber and TheBaron for some rather nice pictures

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0a000h 2008, 26th Oct 08

Website online

The 0a000h website is now online!

by poti //
the Ultimate Meeting 2008, 26th Oct 08

the Ultimate Meeting 2008 Website is online

We finally got out of the mud and launched the website (into space).
You'll find almost everything you need to know about this years event.

by poti //
Slengpung, 26th Oct 08


And a final batch of pics from f08, from our resident photo-genius, Ketyere! OH LA LA!

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Slengpung, 25th Oct 08


Last weekend I went to Denmark, so here are some pictures from TRSAC 2008

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22nd Oct 08

Login problems

We are currently facing login problems at as the sceneid webserver seems to be down. Sorry for the inconvenience

TRSAC 2008, 17th Oct 08

Location change

We changed the location last minute ;) new and FINAL location is: Vestergade 92, Horsens, Denmark

by poti //
MAIN 03, 15th Oct 08

Latest news before MAIN#3 : compo et prize machines and more

MAIN#3 2008 latest news

Weather : october spring - Sun - 25°c

Compo machine official Demobox: thanks to H2o
Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 512MB (Alpha Dog Edition)
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
2GB of Corsair RAM (DDR2-800)
XFX nForce 680iLT SLI motherboard

First prize :
PC HP + 22" screen / Intel core 2 quad QU6600 - 2.4GhZ
3 Go ram - nVidia Geforce9300 - HDD SCSI 500 Go

Mobile phone - MMS - SMS : 33-0-6 42 84 17 31 / Christian
Email : cybernostra [a-t]
Party place : Espace Julien 39 cours Julien 13006 Marseille - Cours Julien metro station - Fr

Opening night and installation, on Thursday 16 October.
Official opening on Friday October 17 around 20:30

Welcome and records: the reception is through an entrance reserved for participants near
the main entrance. This entrance is open only for you. You will be welcomed by ourselves.
A password will be issued with which you move anywhere in the party place.

Baggage storage: A room is closed and secured for this purpose for the deposit and
luggage storage.

Your place in the party: first come first served is the rule, wifi in the place plus ethernet
link (please take a 3m wire with you, better).

Food and drink: we provided a space food to eat at your own pace and a bar to drink
beer and local variety at your disposal too. You can eat on your party place.

Sleep: The Dojo is open to fixed hours that you will be on site, the rule is not entered
with shoes or drink and eat in the Dojo and well on not smoking.

Showers: showers are available in the Dojo at its opening hours.

by cybernostra //
MAIN 03, 13th Oct 08

MAIN#3 rules released : max res & max run

Hi sceners, there is 4 days before the MAIN#3
we changed some rules and add infos.

Based Christie VP equipment resolution upgrade and 6mx4m screen
GFX : Maximum resolution is 1400x1050 pixels.
Photo compositing : Maximum resolution is 1400x1050 pixels.

Based musicians suggestions [complains] the streaming music maximum running time is increased to 4 minutes maximum.

You are welcome because you are the very important person for demoparties organizers and for that, there is a living demoscene !

For the musical event, Ezloopaz from Netherland join us for a live set.

by cybernostra //
MAIN 03, 12th Oct 08


The definitely schedule is online, enjoy the party and welcome. Remote entries are allowed.

by cybernostra //
Slengpung, 12th Oct 08

Icons, Stream

From the world of finnish parties, kraku and nrg brings you pictures from Icons 2008 and Stream 2008

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Slengpung, 11th Oct 08

Komputer Knark 5

Trondheim's semi-regular demoshow by the name of Komputer Knark 5 happened this weekend, and thanks to Zeila, we can take a look on how it went down!

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Kindergarden 2008, 10th Oct 08

Contact form bug!

It has come to our attention that our contact form hasn't worked since the new site was put online. If you happened to use it during the last two months, chances are we never read your mail. If that's the case, please send it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

by poti //
MAIN 03, 9th Oct 08

News about the MAIN demoparty and sponsors

Hello dear sceners

The date gets closer, in less than 7 days the third edition of the MAIN demoparty start, register and save your place under the sun of Marseille.

news about the sponsors : Autodesk offers 3 full licenses (Maya or 3ds Max choice) and Ubisoft offering packages of games and certainly job recruitment. These are the 2 companies that have contacted us "spontaneously" for support, it is rather encouraging for the scene!

Schedule time table and machine compo and hardwares prizes : the specifications quickly come at the http://site

Workshops: 6 Theremins available to try and use the strange & magical sounds... stay connected

by cybernostra //
Demozone 2008, 8th Oct 08

Demozone 2008 cancelled

According to an entry on their website Demozone 2008 has been cancelled.

by poti //
Slengpung, 7th Oct 08


..and don't forget to come to inérciaDemoparty2005! of 2008

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Slengpung, 3rd Oct 08

Putting the FUN back to Function

The first batch of pics by PCN/ÜD have arrived from Function 2008 - Enjoy!

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Slengpung, 3rd Oct 08

Function 2008 - second pass

Okay, apparently I could've been bothered - here's a second batch by Zoom.

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