News in May 2009

Slengpung, 31st May 09

And even more outline!

Thanks to CiH more photos have been added from Outline 2009.

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Slengpung, 30th May 09

And more from the party made of 100% KRACHT

Thanks to thec for a lot of AWESOME pictures from outline 2009

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Buenzli 18, 28th May 09

Exhibition: Drifters' Le Cube

We are more than happy to be able to announce the world famous Drifters’ Le Cube (a cooperation project between Calodox, Drifters and TRSI) as the main object in the Buenzli 18 exhibition area. Starting with last year, we have established an exhibition of interesting, special or extraordinary objects in the entrance area at Buenzli. The Drifters’ Le Cube was first presented to the audience at Breakpoint 2009 and will shine in it’s full lightness at Buenzli 18. The object consists of a huge, metal, cube-shaped rack (fully rotatable) equipped with plenty of lights and lasers, screens and beamers, LEDs and OHPs. This promises an incredible lightshow!

Slengpung, 28th May 09

Blockparty 2k9

Some slightly belated Blockparty 2009 photos by IC!

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Slengpung, 28th May 09

More from Outline 2009

More pictures from Outline 2009, go take a look right here

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Slengpung, 25th May 09

Outline 2009 photos

Just added some photos from last week's Outline, the super-friendly Dutch Atari-multiplatform-party. If you weren't there, you will regret it.

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MAIN#4 - ADA 2009, 20th May 09

MAIN#4 ADA website launched, registration open

We launched the website, with the compos & rules, how to come and travel. The registration is open, you are welcome.

by cybernostra //
Slengpung, 18th May 09

Rewired 2008

Pictures from Rewired 2008 are now online, proving that parties DO take place in Belgium.

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Alternative Party 2009, 12th May 09

ALT09 is on the way!

Compos for Alternative Party 2009 are now at our new site
Alternative Party 2009 bring two very special guests to Finland this year, the ARM designer Sophie Wilson and electronics specialist Jeri Ellsworth.
At Alternative Party, Sophie Wilson will tell about her early days at Acorn Computers. She designed the ARM and its successors became the most popular processors in many kinds of low-power computer systems from Internet routers to music players, PDAs and mobile phones. Party visitors will have the chance to see the prototype for the Acorn System One, the very earliest of the Acorns.
Jeri Ellsworth is a self-taught computer chip designer. In 2004, she designed Commodore 30-in-1 Direct to TV - a C64 emulator built into a joystick, capable of playing 30 famous C64 titles - and expandable to a full Commodore 64 computer system. At the Alternative Party Jeri Ellsworth is going to do an episode for her internet reality tv: The Fat Man and Circuit Girl. The episode will be broadcast on live.
Read more about Sophie Wilson and Jeri Ellsworth on
ALT2009 Competitions
We have the most interesting multi platform demo competitions this year like before. Go to get more info, do your own productions and come to vote the best productions to win. The price for Alternative Demo Competition is 3000 euros.
See you in Alternative Party 2009 in October

by ALT09 //
Slengpung, 11th May 09

The PArty 1992 and UK Pubmeet

There has been only one (!) picture of the legendary The Party 1992 on slengpung up to now. Not anymore! Because Harald Krischna donated a bunch of his old pictures of TP92 to slengpung to fill this historical gap. Thanks! Enjoy the oldschool shots. In other news, there has been a UK scene meeting in London this weekend. See the pics.

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