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Demodays 2011 (Buenzli 20), 26th Jul 11

Combined Ticket: Twice The Fun - Just One Ticket [updated]

Since 2003 we are offering a great discount for those who love demopartying: The Evoke demoparty in Cologne and Demodays in Olten bring you the Combined Ticket. We will provide a nice discount for those who visit both Evoke and Demodays this year. Just buy the Combined Ticket at Evoke for both parties and get a 5 Euro discount (the price for Demodays in Euro has not been disclosed yet).

Update: The price for the combined ticket will be 75 Euro (instead of approx. 80 Euro, depending on the exchange rate)

Evoke 2011, 26th Jul 11

Twice the fun - just one ticket [Updated]

Since 2003 we are offering a great discount for those who love demopartying. This year something is different though: Buenzli is now labeled demodays 2011 and has it´s new location in Olten/Switzerland. 

We will still provide a nice discount for those who visit both Evoke and demodays this year. Just buy the combined ticket at Evoke for both parties and get a 5 Euro discount (the price for demodays in Euro has not been disclosed yet). 

Update: The price for the combined ticket will be 75 Euro (instead of approx. 80 Euro)

Demodays 2011 (Buenzli 20), 22nd Jul 11

Demodays Competitions: All New Categories

It's all new about our competitions: We bring you a fresh categorization and two thrilling new competitions - all of that to keep things interesting at a small party like ours. For the first time, you can take part in the new Mini-Animation compo, where it's your job to create a 10 seconds animation (without music) that will be looped for 1 minute. No time to produce a full-fledged animation entry? Mini-Animation allows you to show your skills in less time. For the species of photo addicts, there's the new Photo Retouching competition: We decided against a pure photo compo and want to see your retouching skills - show what you can do best!

Because we lacked entries in some categories in past years, we have given a good shaking to our competitions. We're combining everything into a few single categories no matter whether it's oldschool or newschool, hardware hack or software masterpiece: The new competitions are called Realtime Demo, Realtime Size-Limited, Non-Realtime and Interactive. Read all about this new schema (and the voting mode coming with it) on our competitions page.

Evoke 2011, 22nd Jul 11

glxblt at Evoke

We are proud to present glxblt, who will play a set on Friday night. The Finnish drum'n'bass wonder has rocked many demoparties, including Breakpoint, Revision and Assembly. This year we are very glad to have him back at Evoke (after he made such an impression on ravers from within and without the demoscene alike at Evoke Tracks a few years back), delivering an energetic neurofunk set for you all to get in party mood.

Demodays 2011 (Buenzli 20), 17th Jul 11

Demodays Features: Barbecue and Accomodations

We'll finally have a decent barbecue at our event. We'll have plenty of outside space and we will give you a grill to heat your meat. There's absolutely no need to bring your own grill to the party. Also, there's not much need to bring your own meat (unless you're very hungry): Echtzeit, the organizers of the Demodays, give away a good piece of meat with every three-day entrance ticket (while supplies last) and you'll be able to buy more meat at our bar (also, while supplies last). This is our way to celebrate the 20st edition of Buenzli! You do absolutely not want to miss this!

After you had a fine piece of meat and a few drinks, you wonder where to sleep? We have sleeping space at the party place (it will be tight, though) and we made up a few special deals with hotels near by. Check out our hotels page. In the town, all hotels are in 10 to 15 minute walking distance to the party place, so you can go for any of them. Hurry up with the discounted rooms, we've got only a few.

Evoke 2011, 14th Jul 11

Travelling, lilfts and accommodation

As it´s already the third year in the AbenteuerhallenKalk, you probably have figured out a nice way from your castle over to the party location. For all the others here is information on how to reach Evoke by plane (cheap flights going from a lot of European cities to Cologne), car, train and busses.

In case you happen to have a seat left in your car or just don´t want to go by train all alone: just add an entry to our lifts database. Use the same link if you need a lift to Evoke.

For those of you who do not want to sleep at the party place we gathered a list of nice hotels around the location. Drop us a note if your favourite hotel is be missing (we are really looking forward to some feedback hotelwise). 

Evoke 2011, 13th Jul 11

DJ Storno at Evoke

We are pleased to announce that DJ Storno will be playing once again at this year's Evoke, after having blown everyone's mind with his energetic bleepy tunes last year. Storno, of Bleepstreet Records and A MAZE fame, will blast your ears on the democompo night. You'll find more info on him here. More live acts are to be announced, keep your eyes open.

Demodays 2011 (Buenzli 20), 11th Jul 11

Suggest-a-Demo 2011

At this Demodays/Buenzli, we're going to show a lot of demos. But we realized one thing: We need quality suggestions from a lot of different people with a lot of different tastes. This is why we ask you kindly to enter your personal suggestions. We have prepared a few topics/blocks of demos that we would like to show during the party and you could help us fill the blocks.

Help us using the Suggest-A-Demo-Tron-X 2000

Pick your favourite demos for a certain category, add title and group, a link to the demo and your name (so that we can properly credit you) and hit save. Also, you can see the whole list of what people have suggested so far. We're sure you can add one more :-) If you have a suggestion for another category, or if you want to prepare a special show on your own, that's awesome. Contact us about it!

Demodays 2011 (Buenzli 20), 3rd Jul 11

Welcome to the Demodays

Here we are! Welcome to the web site of the demodays 2011 (also known as Buenzli 20). We launched the website pretty late, but that also means we already have most of the content ready for you. There are a lot of new things to say about our event (for example, we've got a new location, new competition rules and categories, plenty of features that make a difference). Come back to this website often to see what else we've got or keep yourself informed by subscribing to our SMS or Email newsletters, following us on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook. Also, please register if you plan to come to the event! The demodays take place on the 26/27/28 August 2011 in Olten/Switzerland.

See how easily we are reachable from all over the world and what’s different about Switzerland compared to other countries. Check out the features of our location and where you can sleep. Plan your stay using the event schedule and prepare to take part in our competitions. To guarantee the best possible experience we had to establish rules, please read them carefully. Are you a first-time visitor? Here's the FAQ.

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