News in July 2016

Evoke 2016, 29th Jul 16

Our Musical Programme

As every year, we present you with a line-up of DJs and live acts dedicated to keeping you dancing when there are no compos to witness. This year, we are very hapy to announce that Remute, Glxblt, H7, Dojoe vs. Bombe, and Black Maiden Hi-Fi will be with us. Read here for more info.

Evoke 2016, 24th Jul 16

Seminars: Sos Sosowki joins Evoke

Sos Sosowski, creator of Moshpit Simulator and MCPIXEL, one of the most known activists of the Polish game & indie scene will join Evoke for some serious seminar on making retro games in the future - and whether, how and how exactly they are related to the scene.

If you loved Stornos appearances at Evoke we guess that you shouldn´t miss out on SOS!

Making retro games in the future, or can games be demoscene?

Sos Sosowski

Saturday, 16:00 Seminar Room on second level


Full details unter:

Slengpung, 24th Jul 16

Solskogen 2016

My pictures from Solskogen 2016!

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Evoke 2016, 18th Jul 16

Prevoke is back

The unofficial preparty Prevoke is happening in 2016 again!

Just like the last years those of you who arrive on Thursday already can gather at the Chaos Computer Club hacker space in Ehrenfeld to chat and have a beer. There is even an option to sleep there.

Take a look at the Prevoke website for details! And thanks to Topy for organizing!

Slengpung, 13th Jul 16

1991 Party 2013

Ramon B5 was so kind to give us some photos from the mysterious retro party in the Netherlands called "1991", which took place in 2013. Some old faces from several platforms can be spotted...

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Slengpung, 11th Jul 16

The northern lights are back

The first batch of pictures from Nordlicht 2016 has been added. Enjoy!

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Evoke 2016, 2nd Jul 16

Screening of 8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars

The invention of home computers, and especially the C64, plays a major role in the rise of the demoscene.

We were very excited when we were offered to show a documentary on the exciting period of the home computer explosion and Commodore role in the personal computer revolution. "8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars" is a Kickstarter funded movie and features many previously unreleased interviews on this fascinating epoch.

More information about the film is available on the official website

We will show the documentary twice: Saturday at 10:00 on the big screen and on Sunday at 11:00 in the seminar area.

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