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                              The PC democompo
   1. 2256pt. Gateways by Trauma
   2. 1364pt. hannu & kerttu 2000 by m0ppi productions
   3. 752pt. tour by pulse
   4. 751pt. Sexadelic by Byterapers inc.
   5. 702pt. Vague Space by cncd
   6. 629pt. giger by recreation
   7. 557pt. übernational zonk by tpolm
   8. 529pt. Fusion by Bad Karma
   9. 457pt. Älyvuoto by tAAt 1998
   10. 433pt. IDEALEAK by tAAt 1998
   11. 413pt. Matrice by Fobia Design
   12. 366pt. Vortex by Mewlers
   13. 279pt. Dream by ultrabright
   14. 218pt. 2 pr. cent by pdg
   15. 191pt. Summoner by Future Dimensions
   16. 188pt. i want to believe by primitive
   17. 175pt. flow out by tdop
   18. 0pt. 10110 - Elämää pienempi remix by Acid Rain
   19. 0pt. Balldemo by PuavoHard
   20. 0pt. Happy Summer by Mylly Std
   21. 0pt. Decapitation by Execution
   22. 0pt. Nexxus by CUD
   23. 0pt. test delete me by tester
   24. 0pt. Mika by Destiny
   25. 0pt. Johnny weasel by Dawn 3
   26. 0pt. Total Plasmahdus by THP
   27. 0pt. moods by tester (delete)
   28. 0pt. romferd by da beep & phrenetic
                           The PC 64K introcompo
   1. 2173pt. Oxygen by Coral
   2. 2038pt. Technicolor by Moottori
   3. 1783pt. licht 3 by haujobb
   4. 1580pt. chant by Bandwaggon
   5. 1336pt. Lockdown by Reality Benders
   6. 748pt. 42 by Immortals
   7. 473pt. Living OnLine by BOAR
   8. 472pt. HAPPYDANCE by SKR!
   9. 0pt. Testing by P3G Design
   10. 0pt. Lockdown by Reality Benders
   11. 0pt. transformers by eufrosyne
   12. 0pt. Funtro by Universe
   13. 0pt. System Crime by Scoopex
                            The PC 4K introcompo
   1. 3744pt. Mesha by Picard / Rhyme
   2. 1786pt. Mojo by Kone of Exxtreme Entertainment
   3. 1139pt. F.I.S.T. by Neckfreak / Bandwaggon
   4. 1108pt. Cubernoid's voyage by viznut/pwp.ocsa
   5. 844pt. Kuningas by save / Exxtreme Entertainment
   6. 829pt. Sunrise by Digimind
   7. 664pt. titanic by 3G Design
   8. 443pt. the box by ultrabright
                            The Amiga democompo
   1. 2757pt. RELIC by Nerve Axis
   2. 1127pt. dELTA by Embassy
   3. 1087pt. Synthesis by Network
   4. 981pt. Aromecolor by Cirion
   5. 660pt. Omnirush by Mystic
   6. 541pt. Boogienights by sPEDES
   7. 0pt. High Sport Grammar by T.C.W
                          The Amiga 64K introcompo
   1. 2620pt. edit0.5 by haujobb
   2. 1909pt. System Crime by Scoopex
   3. 1439pt. red-eye by sonik clique
   4. 1365pt. Elektrik Baby by Raato^Pou^Ves / dA JoRMaS!
   5. 960pt. popgun by paragon
   6. 758pt. Effu by Scoopex
   7. 714pt. dcsintro by Dcs
   8. 539pt. damones assembly 98 by damones
   9. 0pt. Seamless by Extend
   10. 0pt. System Crime by Scoopex
                             The C64 democompo
   1. 4994pt. Speedway 2 by Panic
   2. 3488pt. Perse by geFiLUS
   3. 2972pt. kumivanilja by yleisradio
                           The C64 graphicscompo
   1. 4446pt. Alley by Mike
   2. 3814pt. kahviuni 13 by electric
   3. 3332pt. Daydream believer by Debris
   4. 0pt. alley by mike
                             The C64 musiccompo
   1. 1999pt. tribute2sinatra by tbb
   2. 1934pt. Jamaican sixtyfour by Venturus & Abaddon
   3. 1458pt. needledrop by amj
   4. 1359pt. Cappucino by Deetsay/Panic!
   5. 1037pt. Säröviisu by Jazoo^Vandals & Tempest^Damage
   6. 951pt. Dexter by JER
   7. 798pt. 4give by barracuda
   8. 741pt. jazz crackers by alive in hell
   9. 648pt. jokela 3 by codehead/suolahappo.
                             The Graphicscompo
   1. 1774pt. Scared by Pixel/Future Crew
   2. 1353pt. Unique by Kidlove/Scoopex
   3. 1309pt. juoksee kuin sepeteus by Avocado
   4. 1251pt. Anette by Ward / Astroidea
   5. 951pt. Myriapod by Mike
   6. 897pt. Class by Visualize/pulse
   7. 838pt. Cosmic Girl by Citadel
   8. 820pt. 1980 by Sh'ar
   9. 561pt. Passion by ZooM
   10. 541pt. Surprise by YoGa
   11. 538pt. mindtrap by iRoN MAZE
   12. 467pt. Bioreality by Kal / Astroidea
   13. 361pt. Decision by BitScout
   14. 0pt. Lava Mob by seCtor / Cheddar
   15. 0pt. Tank Girl And ME by Duffy
   16. 0pt. Walk the dog by Demon Design
   17. 0pt. Walk the dog by Demon Design
   18. 0pt. bad trip by kOkki
   19. 0pt. bad trip1 by kOkki
   20. 0pt. bad trip originaali by kOkki
   21. 0pt. magic h by croaker
   22. 0pt. Centaur by Razorback
   23. 0pt. Deadline by Kingi
   24. 0pt. Decision by BitScout
   25. 0pt. Hey ... Nice Eyes! by Euphoria
   26. 0pt. kekkula by random
   27. 0pt. SheNerd by -I- Marlboro
   28. 0pt. There are always 2 sides by josher
   29. 0pt. Bioreality by Kal
   30. 0pt. Bill's Wet Dream by Ravage
   31. 0pt. Live your life to the MMX! by Devotion
   32. 0pt. SinäMinä by TapZ
   33. 0pt. SinäMinä by TapZ
   34. 0pt. misfit by Harlequin
   35. 0pt. mindtrap by iRoN MAZE
   36. 0pt. mindtrap by iRoN MAZE
   37. 0pt. Class by Borderline
   38. 0pt. Impressionismi by Purplecow
   39. 0pt. Animalia by DaMarkus+B/dcs
   40. 0pt. Unicorn by Particle
   41. 0pt. Dopette by Thor
   42. 0pt. Toxic Beatu Queen by KiWi
   43. 0pt. Young World by Greenpix / universe & ex
   44. 0pt. solid aspects by treme
   45. 0pt. Kreivita by lenta
   46. 0pt. Juoksee kuin Sepeteus by Avocado
   47. 0pt. Cyber Bitch by Art
   48. 0pt. Myth by Nitric
   49. 0pt. Myriapod by
                             The Raytracecompo
   1. 1571pt. hms victory by frank
   2. 1449pt. Raytraced car by Maxwell
   3. 1432pt. Dualism by Marvel / Future Crew
   4. 1339pt. fieras by voomie
   5. 1085pt. Perinteisen Miehen Kohtalo by nullgod
   6. 652pt. Bugs & Books by Scythe
   7. 541pt. Between battles by Tudor/TBL
   8. 494pt. Chrysallis by mindseye/rebels
   9. 491pt. Kristus by Ivy
   10. 432pt. Armageddon by Jone/Moottori
   11. 358pt. Any key by Tapsah
   12. 353pt. Evening by tynkkenekker
   13. 339pt. Indeep by Jcole/Milk^Vista
   14. 251pt. The Room by Ops
   15. 0pt. by Zulu
   16. 0pt. Banana by fos
   17. 0pt. Lauantai-illan huumeet by astro / a-men
   18. 0pt. Martian Canyon by jarno
   19. 0pt. Beyond killa by Mage The MAn
   20. 0pt. Beyond killa by Mage The MAn
   21. 0pt. Wet Wet Wet by yksilö/tAAt
   22. 0pt. between battles by Tudor/TBL
   23. 0pt. The Room by Ops
   24. 0pt. The Lagun by Garo
   25. 0pt. the Mölli ja the hirviö. by nich.
   26. 0pt. Visions by Devotion
   27. 0pt. Alien by RedHed
   28. 0pt. Emma The ChuChuTrain by Duffy
   29. 0pt. Goa vibez by scottie
   30. 0pt. Jonui, Windkeeper by HaH
   31. 0pt. Pool Corner by Xz17
   32. 0pt. Sofa by Shine
   33. 0pt. Spikey by Nitric
   34. 0pt. Isle by tonic
   35. 0pt. Atlantis by Neutron / Unique PC
   36. 0pt. FutureSlug by Sparrow
   37. 0pt. FutureSlug by Sparrow
   38. 0pt. dual eclipse by recc
   39. 0pt. dual eclipse by recc
   40. 0pt. tuomion tossu by Tatü
   41. 0pt. Vypers by Hoax
                             The Animationcompo
   1. 1647pt. Barry the Orange by Dream One
   2. 1342pt. Misu & Kisu by Illuusiovisio
   3. 1080pt. MARS by jarno
   4. 875pt. Spice by Major & Treebeard
   5. 748pt. Kvak by Fragment
   6. 520pt. Pirates ahoy by Frank/Orange
   7. 431pt. Soil by Saffron / TBL
   8. 393pt. DARN by Vincent Vega
   9. 357pt. Lauantai-illan huumeet by astro / a-men
   10. 289pt. Tappelia by Mage The Man
   11. 268pt. WannaRat by Tridea
   12. 185pt. Invasion on Antigone 7 by marzu
   13. 111pt. Dustoff by Earwax
   14. 104pt. 1024 kbyte by Hype / Zoro
   15. 91pt. Foggyday by Raynet
                             The Java democompo
   1. 3494pt. GODOG by Complex
   2. 2452pt. Loop.2 by Digital Nerds
   3. 1088pt. Lava by Yodel
   4. 1065pt. golden kypersumppi by tAAt 1998
   5. 890pt. IT CAN'T BIDONE by Ram Jam
   6. 826pt. Space Odyssey by NySTuL
   7. 561pt. Return of the Mack by H-Town/Silents
   8. 549pt. Lee by Sail
   9. 0pt. golden kypersumppi by tAAt 1998
                           The Windows democompo
   1. 3642pt. Bleam (win version) by Lionhead
   2. 2172pt. This is how we party by m.A.d Software
   3. 2078pt. Demonic by Refinition & Dimercis
   4. 1515pt. ANONYMOUS by Cheat The Machine
                             The Wild democompo
   1. 3507pt. Get Real by Assembly NetCrew
   2. 2643pt. Paha posteljooni by Insane Bastards productions
   3. 1795pt. Tuikea Torsti by CBU - ryhmä
   4. 1109pt. Special FX by Pixel/Future Crew
   5. 869pt. Ankara Kosto 2 by Moottori / Kosto Productions
   6. 337pt. Heavy Chase by Keijo Atam Salama
   7. 312pt. Echoes Of The Dawn -video by Advanced Illusion Team
   8. 307pt. Nightmare by Incredible Team
   9. 0pt. Natural by Crystal Bizarre
   10. 0pt. Real Demo by Hämäläiset
   11. 0pt. Mister M by Spaketti Produkts
   12. 0pt. Titanic by Bejrutt / Ste83
   13. 0pt. Tin Machine by Execution
   14. 0pt. hjk by jkj
   15. 0pt. Bleam by Lionhead
   16. 0pt. Plutonium98 by Plutonium98 org.
   17. 0pt. Cursed Forest 3 by Gib Crew
   18. 0pt. Supakilla by Din ja Mage
                               The Musiccompo
   1. 1452pt. Schotsman in a skirt by !cube/Trauma
   2. 1244pt. System 51 by Quasian
   3. 953pt. The mystical power of Hizbollah by Gspot
   4. 840pt. Invasion Of Mutant Killer Bunnies! by KiWi
   5. 756pt. xeq-complex by ceniq/milk
   6. 735pt. sway by sojagga
   7. 654pt. Kaikal pop by Muffler
   8. 647pt. jazzy vibesz by Prob.
   9. 621pt. Unexpected surprise by Prism
   10. 616pt. cherry jam by reed
   11. 584pt. My mushrooms by Deck
   12. 576pt. Kalkutta by Firestorm / Morel Arts
   13. 486pt. Hello kontrol by Mirko
   14. 414pt. Funky Animal by Goldcrest
   15. 370pt. Delfoi Blue by ikhyon
   16. 0pt. 1 1/2 birds by teemuki
   17. 0pt. I Wish... by BlueShadow
   18. 0pt. U R Krushed. by Repe
   19. 0pt. i was on my way to kitchen, as i tripped on my dog (everyday
   life) by codehead/suolahappo.
   20. 0pt. 15Feet away by Dany
   21. 0pt. HARD ASS by nOOKIE
   22. 0pt. Bat's Groove by Drizzt
   23. 0pt. Bahama Beach by Tompa do Pompa
   24. 0pt. Badsector in my mind by JER
   25. 0pt. Dagha by Elohim
   26. 0pt. Far Away by Rage
   27. 0pt. Falling Asleep by white
   28. 0pt. Falling asleep by Eloo-G
   29. 0pt. Garden by Ren
   30. 0pt. Harmageddon by lawb
   31. 0pt. Haucee koko lunta talossa by JM Jamaica
   32. 0pt. Karkkikepponen by Lark
   33. 0pt. Machine Drome by Willow
   34. 0pt. Pakkeli by ARto
   35. 0pt. Paska HardCore Biisi by Harry
   36. 0pt. Samba Brazilia by Solar Crisis
   37. 0pt. Take Your Vet Off by Turkka
   38. 0pt. kaikal pop by Muffler
   39. 0pt. mass control by yli.
   40. 0pt. panache by spud
   41. 0pt. paint drops by Nitro
   42. 0pt. wake your mind by whk
   43. 0pt. Ebeneezer by Coralli
   44. 0pt. Echoes Of The Dawn by Shamus
   45. 0pt. Scotchman in a skirt by Cube
   46. 0pt. Oddis Slajos by Cryptic
   47. 0pt. Behind the sun by xlr8r
   48. 0pt. Heavenly by Sprinkle / Aalto
   49. 0pt. Helena Takalo-project by Shade
   50. 0pt. Kedon kukkaset by Tremor
   51. 0pt. Secrets by Impulse
   52. 0pt. Sea Of Hues by Liam the lemming
   53. 0pt. aerobicworkout'79 by aurini
   54. 0pt. ned weep by crazer
   55. 0pt. nemo kontrol by kimble
   56. 0pt. xeq-complex by ceniq/milk
   57. 0pt. yellow tea by orbiter
   58. 0pt. Egoterroristi by Linearic/Vandals
   59. 0pt. Ahaa.. by Fenris D / Proton Group
   60. 0pt. The Dream by Razoredge
   61. 0pt. The Beginning by Nobody/WildLight
   62. 0pt. The Green Water Fall by Emppu
   63. 0pt. The tears, the Asm'98 by Vable
   64. 0pt. Where are you by Apps
   65. 0pt. When Aliens Land... by MusicMan
   66. 0pt. the Formula of Mulatius by Phaser
   67. 0pt. Digital by Substance
   68. 0pt. Disindegrate by Tripod
   69. 0pt. Fight for Freedom by Impulse
   70. 0pt. Lifestyle by WT
   71. 0pt. Singapore by Kameli
   72. 0pt. Tides of Time by Mystical/purple+sol/trauma
   73. 0pt. Vimonen Valssi by Makkonen
   74. 0pt. Wild West Express by BasB
   75. 0pt. finno-ugrian beat by adam
   76. 0pt. kioma nivada by Jcole/Milk^Vista
   77. 0pt. like loiske by mig27
   78. 0pt. little adventure by loonie
   79. 0pt. silent scream by Garfield
   80. 0pt. Skyline by ruff
   81. 0pt. Alpha by Chris/Styrox
   82. 0pt. All your secrets by Leach
   83. 0pt. Elves in the night by DoC & Yoni
   84. 0pt. Ill by Rondo
   85. 0pt. flatline by endotone
   86. 0pt. Empty Planet by LUK
   87. 0pt. Anyway i want by The hooligan
   88. 0pt. Inside Defeat by Extrian
   89. 0pt. Invernia (Winterland) by Antik
   90. 0pt. Knock 'em Cold by Olli Tuhkanen
   91. 0pt. Unelmia (dremas) by dna
   92. 0pt. anaali by Shivan
   93. 0pt. one by Obeliq
   94. 0pt. Boom! by Artsi/Lux
   95. 0pt. Control us by Frodo/Cheddar
   96. 0pt. Come and get me by kuu
   97. 0pt. Dominotar by Debris
   98. 0pt. Fool for a Day by Crux
   99. 0pt. Goodbye Past by L-Wizard
   100. 0pt. Moonflower by Zage
   101. 0pt. Mortal Sheep by lammatti
   102. 0pt. Moods (Opus I) by DiXan
   103. 0pt. Moods (Opus I) by DiXan
   104. 0pt. No Way Out by jPx
   105. 0pt. Poppanova by Spiderman
   106. 0pt. Poppanova by Spiderman
   107. 0pt. Poutapilvi by Juho/AP
   108. 0pt. Pool of Kurnutus by Renegadez
   109. 0pt. Polka dots and moonbeams by md
   110. 0pt. Roland by Organic / Bad Karma
   111. 0pt. Some by JanneZ
   112. 0pt. Voteholic by Juke
   113. 0pt. Voodoo Squirrel by Calf
   114. 0pt. cogten by Kyllönen
   115. 0pt. dominican republic by strala
   116. 0pt. noname1 by discreet
   117. 0pt. noname2 by discreet
   118. 0pt. Arcane Denial by Manfex
   119. 0pt. Bream by Limbo Duck
   120. 0pt. BrakeBite by Maxx
   121. 0pt. Brain Pain by kalma
   122. 0pt. Cryptonized by Yoshid
   123. 0pt. Crazee World by MtC
   124. 0pt. Crystal Tears by Psychedelic
   125. 0pt. Cryogenic Chamber by Humdrum
   126. 0pt. Mr.X and the Groovedrug by Vastator (Mr.V) and Silver (Mr.S)
   127. 0pt. Transdimensional by Icarus
   128. 0pt. ortto.xm by inu
   129. 0pt. urlg by Aapo
   130. 0pt. Asm98: Space Odyssey by Ore-Gano
   131. 0pt. Escape by Domino
   132. 0pt. psychedelia by treme
   133. 0pt. Strings by Zovirax
   134. 0pt. attending eart by xhale
   135. 0pt. Autumnal Winds by spook
   136. 0pt. Bubble by Foze/Cheddar
   137. 0pt. Fucked up by Nagash
   138. 0pt. Funkkipunkki by Petri Järvisalo
   139. 0pt. Fuck me smoothly by hyPno
   140. 0pt. Humppa1 by Mordicus
   141. 0pt. Hungary by Midnight
   142. 0pt. Julkunen by Putkimies
   143. 0pt. Kuthno el Salvam by tonic
   144. 0pt. Luminescent Green by Scinet
   145. 0pt. Music by Shake
   146. 0pt. Surreal by shS
   147. 0pt. Summer Song by spiikki
   148. 0pt. juuri näin. by Sape / Cheddar
   149. 0pt. summer v2 by marq
   150. 0pt. Overdose by Milcom
   151. 0pt. kvaak by jobe
   152. 0pt. Experience by Elwood
   153. 0pt. Syltty kontrol by Jama
   154. 0pt. hypnotic liquid by x.fader
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