- -- ---------------------- Assembly Summer 2010 --------------------- -- -
   _____  _____      _____         ____  ____________    _______._________
 _/  _  \_\   (______\   (______ _/  _/__\    _   _  \_ /  _   /|    |\   \___.
Y    _    Y\_____    Y\_____    Y   _/   Y    Y   Y    Y   /  /_|    |/   /   |
|    Y    '     Y    |     Y        Y    |    |   |    :   ._   |    |___     |
|____|    |_____|    ._____|    |____    |    |___|    :   |/   :___    |     |
     `----'     `----'     `----'   `----^----'   `----^-\______|  `----^-----'
                       ______     _____   ______   _____
                      /      \_  /     \ /      \_/     \
                      \__     / /  _    \\_      /  _    \
                      _/     /./   /    / /     /   /    /
                   h7 \_______|\_______/ /_____/ \______/ dS!

  - -- --------- 5.-8th August 2010 - Hartwall Areena, Helsinki -------- -- -

[ Gamedev competition ]

1   4532p   Tricky Truck by Archee 
2   1959p   7-bit Pirates by The 7 bits
3   1859p   Part-time Angle Grinder Hero by Tekotuotanto
4   1319p   Chain3D by Alphapolygon
5   1255p   Dr. Funkenstein's Bad-ass Rocket Jump Challenge by Meatgrinder
6   833p    Orbital Bombardment by Faemiyah
7   703p    Super PakPak by AOH Games
9   512p    Tank Shock by GDSH
10  356p    Ufohippa 3 by Itchi / Lonely Coders
11  345p    Vuvuzela Hero by Kray
12  272p    40 Caves by Elite Ninjas Inc.
13  262p    Particle Zone by Aroppuu
14  249p    Raya Racer by XZM
15  138p    Taisto by Below Absolute Zero
16  117p    Pulse Phase Chronicles by 006 Studios
17  116p    ~[ROD]~ by Diabolix
18  97p     Dimensional Shrooms by Mythorb
19  67p     Fancy Fang's Adventures by Bendy Patrol Games

Compo organizers:
Jimmy Turunen, Paaris / trilobit^wAMMA
Pekka J??skel?inen, pahamoka / trilobit^wAMMA^PWP
Petteri Sillanp??, spiikki / Dekadence^Nalleperhe

[ Executable music competition ]

1   3750p   Pixelated Knight Tales by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto
2   1834p   The toilet seat of gods II by JDruid
3   1716p   Namevote this sucka by Player One
4   1685p   THE FLATTER by Castor of Inversion
5   1625p   life worth livin' by luuk / 6th Fire
6   1340p   FrostaPorce by pOWL / Alcatraz
7   1169p   Pure Life 2.0 by Silent
8   753p    My Happy Place by Prophecy
9   454p    mulperi by Mr. Bunny / brainlez Coders!

disq        Aroma hive by Paokala
            Reason: mod-file, not executable

Compo organizers:
Ville Jouppi, jope / Extend

Compo organizer screened the entries, no jury held.

[ Executable graphics competition ]

1   6572p   Novus vita by Ananasmurska
2   6525p   Come play with us by havocplague
3   3338p   Hymy_5v_Paint.bmp by Hymy

Compo organizers:
Ville Jouppi, jope / Extend

Compo organizer screened the entries, no jury held.

[ Oldskool demo competition ]

1   5680p   Grind by Dekadence & Accession
2   3852p   Vanility by Byterapers
3   3772p   crushed by inversion
4   2181p   Trackmo 2 by FST

Compo organizers:
Ville Jouppi, jope / Extend

Compo organizer screened the entries, no jury held.

[ Fast music competition ]

1   1646p   C A S T L E M A N I A by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto
2   1353p   A little time for iskelm? by Castor
3   916p    Well This Was Fast by Little Bitchard
4   843p    there are no penguins in atlantis by cce
5   641p    Quickly Done Piece of Crap by Free Fall
6   575p    Slippery when wet by 1nsane
8   390p    sheibe01 by dsbt
9   386p    It's a fish by Bugg
10  347p    Autumn by Shadikka
11  329p    Jinglette by Puti
12  277p    Gore Disturbance by tArzAn
13  242p    Lol coder by Gemis
14  216p    Brainfartism by Rajunen
15  172p    False Dreams by Aspor

Compo organizers:
Jaakko Pero / Erodix

Members of the jury:
Jaakko Pero, Erodix 
Juho Korhonen, Signal
Pauli Marttinen, Gwaur/Ohjelmointiputka
Mikko Leino, viisi5555/Viiksipojat
Samuli Kaipiainen, isotykki/viiksipojat

[ Fast Graphics competition ]

1   3660p   Like holding a phone - what could go wrong? by Random
2   2717p   Fire one two three! by Dekus
3   2348p   herp derp by john peeba
4   2162p   Holding an Apple. by Timi Koponen
5   944p    Palloilija by Anni
6   831p    Young Hiawatha by juriga
7   817p    Peaceful fishing by Onis
8   729p    There are no issues... Hello? by Sibane
9   510p    Messed up by Sipe
10  502p    Hold'em wrong by Irah
11  436p    He's holding it wrong by Zagupi / HBC
12  326p    Guitar devil by Oxbacka
13  302p    You're holding it wrong by Decoder & Elviira-LeeLoo
14  273p    Get Sharper by MacGywer
15  186p    User Error by McLad
16  53p     wrong by ara

n/a 3.88    Kato mutsi - ilman k?si?! by Doomchild
n/a 3.75    Mother by RooPelle
n/a 3.75    Saksik?si Eetu takes a leak (Free Willy sequel) by Saeru
n/a 3.5     Don't try this at home by Mig26
n/a 3.5     Beer time by Timo Per?maa
n/a 3.5     Holding it wrong by Janne Jalava
n/a 3.43    This is how its done by Tug
n/a 3.43    Hold by rubber parts by kiirala
n/a 3.13    What's My Purpose? by maxon / HBC
n/a 3.13    Trio Fail by Surround
n/a 3.13    Sattuu by Sulq
n/a 3       I really held it wrong by Dark
n/a 2.88    Kivip?? by Nossat
n/a 2.75    Wups by Juha Linna
n/a 2.43    Smile by ~mursu~
n/a 2       suicide fail by luuk / 6th Fire
n/a 1.38    p?rin? by Tireht??ri
n/a         Army girl by Mupsus

Compo organizers:
Risto M?ki-Pet?ys, BassCadet / Adapt

Members of the jury:
Risto M?ki-Pet?ys, BassCadet / Adapt
Joona Poikonen, McLad/GFXILE
Laurim?ki, Random/GFXILE
Juha-Pekka Alanen, ZARNIWOOP
Joel Lehtonen, Zouppen/Codegrove
Leo Koivistoinen, Tethys
Niko Kiirala, kiirala
Lauri Nurmi, ~mursu~

[ Music competition ]

1   2168p   The Apocalypse Will Arrive On A NES Cartridge by GRiMM / Meridian
2   1921p   When There's no Beer by Aikapallo
3   1289p   As We ARRR the Pirates by Cap'n Thrill / Tekotuotanto
4   737p    Monophonique by Noby
5   674p    Moonshine Parade by ruuvari of aspekt
6   671p    Hideout by Byproduct
7   553p    Believe in it by 1nsane
8   526p    Do It Nao by Little Bitchard
9   497p    Infinite energy source by Ihmemiehet
10  416p    Mental Satisfaction by Q
11  294p    Dude Where Is My Scroller by P-Wex & s2sounds
12  215p    Oh! A whoa! by Yolk / CNCD
13  128p    don't let em by beek

n/a 3.09    Old Man Belmont by Signal
n/a 3.09    New Beginning by NDi
n/a 3       Ugly by Castor of Inversion
n/a 3       Revenge by Oxide & Maza / Sonik Clique
n/a 2.91    Purple dreams by Paokala
n/a 2.91    Rise (Assembly 2010 quartersize teaser edit) by DJ Joge
n/a 2.91    The Past Is Not Dead by KK
n/a 2.82    On the Edge by damage / wAMMA
n/a 2.82    Animated by Noby
n/a 2.73    Alpha Trance by The Hooligan
n/a 2.73    Requiem by artz
n/a 2.64    Not so different by Roz
n/a 2.64    Tibetian Power Seeds by cce
n/a 2.64    Far Former Times by Rebellion
n/a 2.55    Square will rise by Kaspe
n/a 2.55    651 by Santtu Haka
n/a 2.55    SUPER MEGA IBIZA EXPERIENCE by glxblt
n/a 2.45    Something by Awe
n/a 2.45    The Majestic Enemy by JPT
n/a 2.45    Eagle by Rendi
n/a 2.45    Cold Played Love After Party by Reignarsson
n/a 2.36    651 by Santtu Haka
n/a 2.36    Ancient Wisdom by ATOPICA
n/a 2.36    The Beauty & The Beat That Bites by CULT Commander
n/a 2.36    How A Fish Loses Its Freedom by Cross-Dressing Robots
n/a 2.27    Vivid by crafn & Aerochord
n/a 2.27    Race U There by glxblt
n/a 2.18    Castle World by Tomi Antikainen
n/a 2.18    Sysadmin by Free Fall
n/a 2.18    Drank In My Cup by Aegis
n/a 2.18    Functure by Galaksinvartija
n/a 2.18    Chrysanthemum Life Machine by Cross-Dressing Robots
n/a 2.09    Costa Del Nymphos by Raiden / Satori
n/a 2.09    Song of the Phoenix Bird by TA & Electronic Birds
n/a 2.09    EchoRun by Wingman
n/a 2.09    yhen markan kiksu by minomus
n/a 2.09    Whirtlpole by Asiamies Lorkki
n/a 2.09    Sokal Affair by Valdor
n/a 2.09    Kansallislaulumme by Japanin laivaston tasavaltio
n/a 2.09    Hituc Pjanottais by trigger
n/a 2       Fly Away by Coloneil
n/a 2       swingalicious by luuk / 6th Fire
n/a 2       White by Dj Tabasco
n/a 1.91    Moment in the morning by Gouafhg
n/a 1.91    Algorithm Aria by Puti
n/a 1.82    Asteloori by korhi
n/a 1.82    Silence After the Storm by The Duck
n/a 1.64    Termination by Free Fall
n/a 1.64    acid like burns by karma force
n/a 1.55    Grill in the Hill by RHZ
n/a 1.45    Terrorism against our nation will not stand by V?tsgy
n/a 1.18    I only dance with my gasmask by tzaeru

disq        Warm Inside by Aisth
            Reason: remix from asm01 #3 in mp3 compo

Compo organizers:
Jaakko Pero, Erodix

Members of the jury:
Jaakko Pero, Erodix
Sauli Korhonen, King Thrill/Tekotuotanto
Ari Karhunen
Juha Peltom?ki, Randomheads
Tuomas Tams, Tumeski
Jyri Juhola, Randomheads
Jonne Laitinen, katte
Nils Haglund, shieni
Harri Jokinen, Randomheads
Jarkko M?ensivu, Tekotuotanto
Mirka Larjomaa, Aymee

[ Graphics competition ]

1   2501p   It all stated at the forgotten toyshop... by korpi / HBC
2   1309p   Komrade Kong by john peeba
3   1277p   Yellona by bracket / Accession
4   1168p   Aurinkoista tiet? eteenp?in by DeCoder
5   1139p   Paper Bird by E-V-M
6   954p    Quod Erat Demonstrandum by Migugi / HBC
7   952p    The Caravan by Codsarmo
8   951p    Dragon slayer by Partikle
9   931p    John found out that his dog was the leader of the Animals Against Men-group by Kinnerean
10  821p    Blitzkrieg (dramatization) by flumba
11  757p    Imagination takes over by Random
12  751p    Please Buy Another Joystick by Irah
13  740p    PiggyZiggy by Mupsus
14  689p    O HAI by Maraia
15  613p    Great Adventure by HBT
16  581p    Ready for Assembly by Dekus
17  439p    A Night To Remember by PeXi
18  324p    Mr. Dali & Ms. Paint by Mig26
19  274p    Infernal Legion by Vablo
20  220p    Queen by Silvy
21  51p     Grow Up by maxon / HBC

n/a 5.78    I run my legs off by Sibane
n/a 5.44    Kraft by Nosfe
n/a 5.44    Thera by Sazu 
n/a 5.44    Old Coders Cave by MacGywer
n/a 5.33    Voodoo People by Timo Per?maa
n/a 5.22    Roudaus by ~mursu~
n/a 5.11    Kisser by Tommip
n/a         Kari Grandin loistelias uloslento by Kinetokiro

disq        Heal by Mazor / FLT
            Reason: Copyrighted material

Compo organizers:
Risto M?ki-Pet?ys, BassCadet / Adapt

Members of the jury:
Risto M?ki-Pet?ys, BassCadet / Adapt
Leo Koivistoinen, Tethys
Peter Hajba, Skaven/FC
Lauri M?ki, Random/GFXILE
Juho Korhonen, Signal
Joona Poikonen, McLad/GFXILE
Vantte Kilappa, Warma/Faemiyah
Niko Kiirala, kiirala
Antti Tiihonen, john peeba

[ Real Wild Demo competition ]

1   5743p   Spiral out by evoflash
2   3281p   Derelict by Hedelmae
3   3250p   Checked = "Checked" by jypa
4   2989p   Ballmer Peak by Department of Offense
5   1736p   Forrest Gulp by npli
6   1284p   casual vortex by bilotrip
7   755p    Oil Spill by Wide Load

Compo organizers:
Max Ylitalo, oasiz / The alberts^Bilotrip

Compo organizer screened the entries, no jury held.

[ Short film competition ]

1   7240p   RetroStorm by Tekotuotanto
2   3795p   What is Love by Pistoke
3   2027p   Space Funk Rock by HBC
4   1740p   Office Animals - The Coffee Addiction by Jaakko Alajoki
5   1226p   Mainoskatko by Randomheads
6   1084p   Vuosikerta by Jami
7   531p    Super Mouse 2000 by npli
8   461p    Jack and the photo by Alphapolygon
9   364p    Wine from the tap by Humane

n/a 2.454   Clip Jammin' by Kouvola Krew
n/a 2.083   The s-word by Moods plateau
n/a 1.916   hope had brought us this far by Flo & Lackluster
n/a 1.666   Johanna Rupiainen esittelee kotinsa by Stickletti
n/a         Bottle orchestra by The alberts

disq        Press X by
            Reason: No file provided

Compo organizers:
Max Ylitalo, oasiz / The alberts^Bilotrip

Members of the jury:
Jaakko Set?l?, JJaska/ASMORG/Screw
Tero Miettinen, Crazyguy
Jussi H?m?l?inen, CountZero/ASMORG
Leo Koivistoinen, Tethys
Tuomas Tauriala, Legenda/wAMMA
Sauli Korhonen, King Thrill/Tekotuotanto
Tuomas Tams, Tuomeski
Ari Karhunen
Kristian Viding, koovee
Simo Ojala
Miko Koikkalainen
Jonne Laitinen, katte

[ 4k intro competition ]

1   8432p   Neanderstaller by Pittsburgh Stallers
2   2309p   Atleeti by Archee
3   2169p   Bubblin Under by adapt
4   2144p   Collideride by Digimind & Silent
5   1423p   Afrika by Rustbloom & XZM
6   856p    Bait by Fulcrum
7   716p    Ziggurat by npli
8   568p    Ratkaisu by Chemfy
9   481p    T?n?t by TDA
10  439p    Suattaapi olla fl?ssi? by Hlas Fove
11  436p    Ars Gratia Artis by PuavoHard
12  265p    Friendly Fireworks by Dzarg
13  245p    Lots of Love by Blobtrox
14  180p    Rabbit Passes By by lucid
15  167p    Universaal Universum by Laserboy + Hot Multimedia
16  165p    kaks koiraa savosta redux by brainlez Coders!

n/a         Friendly Fireworks by Dzarg

Compo organizers:
Pekka J??skel?inen, pahamoka / trilobit^wAMMA^PWP
Petteri Sillanp??, spiikki / Dekadence^Nalleperhe

Members of the jury:
Teemu Suutari, TS/Digital artists
Jani Halme, Firehawk/TDA
Hannu Salonen, Salonen
Tammo Hinrich, kb/Farbrausch
Tatu Kilappa, trilkk/faemiyah
Erika Tuunanen, Adellan
Truck, Truck
Konstantinos Pataridis, Navis/ASD

[ 64k Intro competition ]

1   5948p   x marks the spot by portal process
2   4274p   Behind the Curtain by United Force vs. Digital Dynamite
3   3413p   Ars Nova by Phantom Lord/Accept Corp.
4   3045p   Pier by Hedelmae
5   1518p   The Hungarian Gambit by Ate Bit
6   783p    transmission 1 by s/n

n/a 1.96    kerava by mrp

Compo organizers:
Pekka J??skel?inen, pahamoka / trilobit^wAMMA^PWP
Petteri Sillanp??, spiikki / Dekadence^Nalleperhe

Members of the jury:
Tuomas Tauriala, Legenda/wAMMA
Matti Alanen, wolf_/static
Pekka Pesonen, bexi/wAMMA
kb / Farbrausch
Matias Wilkman, dep/trilobit
Konstantinos Pataridis, Navis/ASD
Terho Tanskanen, bracket/Accession
Stefaan Van Nievwehhvuze, Seven/Fulcrum
Dominik Ries, gopher/alcatraz
John Hertell, Chucky/The gang
Risto M?ki-Pet?ys, BassCadet/Adapt

[ Demo competition ]

1   7791p   Happiness is around the bend by Andromeda Software Development
2   6026p   Ceasefire (all fall down..) by CNCD vs Fairlight
3   3169p   Abysmal Invaders by Pyrotech
4   2164p   Devolution by Kewlers
5   2149p   Freon by Division
6   1911p   Beneath by Brainstorm, Elude, Traction
7   1513p   KOIBAN by SATORI
8   926p    First Play by KoomaDot
9   598p    Counter Intelligence Program by bilotrip
10  376p    restart by xplsv
11  183p    D by mrp

Compo organizers:
Pekka J??skel?inen, pahamoka / trilobit^wAMMA^PWP
Petteri Sillanp??, spiikki / Dekadence^Nalleperhe

Members of the jury:
Tuomas Tauriala, Legenda/wAMMA
Terho Tanskainen, Bracket/Accession
Stefaan Van Nievwehhvuze, Seven/Fulcrum
Dominik Ries, gopher/alcatraz
Konstantinos Pataridis, Navis/ASD
John Hertell, Chucky/The Gang
Matti Alanen, Wolf_/Stati
Juuse Koivula, Jdragon