2/17/22, 3:03 PM | by PrincessLuna PrincessLuna

BCC Party #16 Goes Online

Hey guys,

sorry to let you wait for so long, but we literally tried everything till yesterday to find a solution for real party… but couldn’t come up with anything that would have been legal in pandemic German February, made sense and been worth all the extra trouble it would currently mean for orga.

So it’s online only ONCE(!) more.

Here’s some info in addition/more detail than in BCC#16 Online Invitation


On Saturday, 26th of Feb 2022, we’ll be streaming on https://www.twitch.tv/functionparty from 4 pm CET till around midnight. Thanks to Function Party Orga for borrowing their Twitch Channel again! <3 Rough Time Table is under construction…

Upping Competitions / Voting

Both voting and uploading is on https://party.c64clubberlin.de/ For upping stuff, you need to register, for registration you need a voteky, get it by mailing to ryker[ÄT]freenet.de and telling me your Handle. If you need help, I love to be helpful, but it’s rather foolproof, pretty similar to Votox (Burglar’s X-Party Voting Engine which was also used for last Transmission).

Competitions / Categories / Rules / Deadlines

Categories: We’re ready to stream and do voting for raistlin’s Only Sprites Compo, see also https://csdb.dk/forums/?roomid=12&topicid=154611#154963 Not much else to add, only musicians, remember to put you stuff in remix/cover if it’s not your own composition. There were issues with Twitch last time because of this masterpiece Blau & Schlau … Personally, I find it even more silly to freak out about it than to do such crap, but the channel ain’t ours, it’s Function Party Channel, and we don’t want Function Team to get into trouble with Twitch because of stuff we’re showing. So pretty please, no pronographic content/penises. We’d have to disqualify it. Boobs and dragons are classy and hence, should be okay, though, I guess :D NEW Deadline for Only Sprites Compo 2022 is Sat 26th 11:59:59 a.m. CET NEW Deadline for all other entries is Fri, 25th of Feb, 17:59:59 a.m. CET, that’s +6 hours extra


Thanks to CBase for all they’ve offered, it’s just due to Pandemic, otherwise this would have worked like a charm and will in the future, hopefully. We consider doing a small mini real party (one night only) with CBase Team at Jannowitzbrücke in Summer. Delaying the BCC#16 was an option, but we’ve been stubborn enough to reserve our tradtional last full Feb weekend and don’t want to interfere with other scene party dates.

Bottom Line

sigh OK let’s do this, guys, looking 4wd to your entries or votekey requests. We’re gonna do anything it takes to make this minimum as much fun as BCC#15. At least Brainstorm and I (maybe also Hoeppie) will join Thunder and Charlie in their secret Streaming Lab in persona to reduce technical difficulties and create SOME kind of party atmosphere, maybe by some drunk sofa interlude trashtalk between compos :)

Cheers Ryk

PS: If anything remained unclear, post here, PM me, mail me… PPS: Krauts, I’m also gonna provide that info in German on forum64.de Refresh