Type Demoparty
Url www.syntaxparty.org
Date february 2008, 23rd
Location beach,
St. Kilda, Melbourne
Credits cTrix
  »Kicks off at 6pm with a BBQ to catch up until around 8pm

- Oldskool Tracking / Chiptune compo
- Oldskool style bitmap grapics
- Demo compo (C64 / Amiga / PC)

We will also be "officially" screening the enteries from the .au xMas democompo and (of course) screening a whole load of classic C64 and Amiga demos.

Come party and enjoy a great aussie summer demoscene BBQ while our fellow European sceners freeze their arses off!«


25th Feb 08

Beach Party 2008 is over and voting has begun

Please vote for your favorite productions in the Tracked Music and Bitmap Graphics competitions at the Beach Party Site. Also, due to a lack of entries for the demo competition. The demo competition has been extended to July 2008 and is open to entries from around the globe. The winner will be announced in August 2008 and will win a cool trophy. Amiga, C64 and Windows are the acceptable platforms. Get coding!

by poti //
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