5/15/08, 1:37 PM

Buenzli 17 - Website launched

It’s already May and we are really happy to finally have been able to launch the Buenzli 17 website! Welcome! The design is brought to you by Genox (mediagenerator) - our long time reliable source for good looking web pages. In the coming days, we will add a lot of content like timetables, competition rules, special Buenzli 17 features, combined ticket information and whatever else that’s yet still missing. By now, you can already register for Buenzli 17 if you plan to come: Registering yourself helps us planning on the amount of expected visitors! The event organizing schedule is currently being developed, budgets are being adjusted and special features and happenings are being planned. Come back to the Buenzli 17 page any time you wish and discover new things!