7/22/08, 9:36 AM

Buenzli & Evoke Combined Ticket

August 2008 - time for two traditional SwissGerman demoparties: Just as in the previous few years, Evoke and Buenzli are supporting double-party-visitors, demoscene-summer-trippers and i-can’t-get-enough sceners with a combined ticket. Evoke takes place just one week before Buenzli and is the place where you can buy our doubletrouble tickets which are then valid for Buenzli, too. The best thing about it: You get a discount on the regular entrance fee of both parties: The combined ticket is available for EUR 43.-.

How it works: At the Evoke entrance desk, you ask for the combined ticket instead of the regular Evoke ticket. One week later, at Buenzli, you show your ticket (which has a unique code printed on it) together with the Evoke bracelet and you’re in.

Register yourself for Evoke & Buenzli now: