8/6/08, 4:56 PM

Demoshows, Live Act & Compo update

We are very proud to announce our Saturday evening life act: Mr. ADAN (also known as Gol/demoscene.tv) will present an 1h show accompanied by live visuals from the computers of Psykon/mydriasis. This duo promises good entertainment!

On Friday night, three interesting shows will catch your attention: The “Open Video Show” where you decide what you want to see, Nightmare/Nuance’s “Multimedia Show” with new and old demos and animations and last but not least the “c64.ch demoshow”. Further information on these and more on our timetable page.

And as a little reminder: All our competitions are open for remote entries (where is makes sense): You can check the rules for remote entries on our competition page. Also, another small rule change: XNA is allowed in all competitions (again, where it makes sense).

Do not forget to check http://www.buenz.li for all the latest news, and the Pouet thread for discussions, questions and last-minute news.