10/8/23, 7:47 PM | by v3nom v3nom

Deadline 23 is over! After party page | Deadline 24 date set!

Thank you all for coming and making this edition of Deadline to one of the best ever and certainly the one with the most visitors and releases so far! Thanks for contributing, dancing, partycoding, livepatching, and releasing your creativity! We can only provide the canvas, but you are the ones who fill it with colours! ❤️ We prepared an after party page for you on our website: https://deadline.untergrund.net/2023/after_party_page/ On this page you can find links to all releases, official results, videos and photos of the event! If you have photos or videos to add to this page, please send them to us via: contact@demoparty.berlin

See you again at your favourite Deadline in 2024, our 10years anniversary! 🙂 Mark the date: 4th – 6th of October 2024, ORWOHaus, Berlin, Germany