DemoZone stands for 4 days long, open-air demoscene action. Plug in under the shining sun or sit inside our big, warm and covered "scener only" tent. Instead of most sceneparties, which are almost always indoors, you have much more freedom at DemoZone. Expect no uptight security, no 2-page list of rules to obey, but instead a huge, chillout computer fanatic atmosphere and every feature you might need. You can bring your own tent and strike down to camp or just sleep under the tables in the partytent like on any other demoparty, it's up to you.



Going 8

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Walibii World

Spijkweg 30
Biddinghuizen, Zuid-Holland
The Netherlands The Netherlands


Entrance Fee

€50.00 Regular

€37.00 Prepay

€30.00 Single Day

Party Series

Demozone 2005 is a part of Demozone.