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11th Sep 06

Vote: best time for DiHalt 2007

The DiHalt organizers are running a vote on their website: What is the best time for DiHalt 2007 in your opinion?

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31st Mar 06

Party place

We are glad to announce the address of the partyplace. It's DK S.Ordzhonikidze, Chaadaeva-street, 17. There are lots of public transportation, shops and even a stadium nearby which is an excellent place for a hidden party (600 meters from the partyplace). And now we can confirm that you can sleep at the partyplace, but of course you can use the hotels. Information will soon be in the FAQ. Unfortunately we also have bad news, because of additional expenses the enttry fee will now be 3EUR, which is still cheap anyway. :) Also the compo-PC specifications have been changed a bit and the preliminary schedule corrected.

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29th Mar 06

Rules Revision

The 19th of March the organisation held a meeting. Many issues from the forum have been discussed. We hereby announce that a few little changes in the rules were made because of this. First of all the MP3 Music competition is divided in two parts. Secondly, the allocation of musical channels on ABC for the ZX-Spectrum. Also the sequence of the competitions has been changed: The ZX-graphics and Traditional Music have been swapped, and the Chip Music competition has been moved to the first day.

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19th Mar 06

New Logo, Website update & Invitations

BiTL^7dump has developed a new design for the DiHalt 2006 website. The new convenient forum has been placed here (thanks to Emp). In addition there is a new logo for the party and invitiation intros for zx spectrum and in flash.

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8th Mar 06

The Party for REAL sceners

The Day of Red Army has passed in spirit of a demoscene. Organizers gathered with pizza and beer. We spent this time discussing the most important questions concerning the forthcoming party DiHalt 2006. We decided that the entrance will be 2USD and that girls would get in for free. Expect invitations in a few days (for PC, ZX, Amiga and Flash). We are still discussing organizing a separate competition for mobile devices, because it was requested multiple times, and we wait for your feedback in our forum.

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2nd Feb 06

Contribution notice

We have started accepting contributions to all competitions. Send us your productions to dihalt@flatrate.ru. Size of the mail is unlimited (we hope you're not insane ;-) ). And we notice: if you wish contribute the party but you don't have any chances to be at the partyplace, we'll send to you diploma by mail in case if you be a star of the show. :-)

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18th Jan 06

English Website

The DiHalt organizers have put up an English version of their website.

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