7/7/22, 5:42 PM | by PrincessLuna PrincessLuna

3 months to Flash Party

This year we’re back with an in person mega event!

Flashparty 2022 will be held on october 1-2 in a beautiful venue in the Abasto neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. There, cyberpunks will meet to make friends and have a good time watching the latest productions for retrocomputers, alternative hardware platforms and also the latest GPUs. Electronic arts, artistic coding, chiptune, text art, pixel art and more from artists and collectives of the Latin American and world demoscene will gather in an place with two scenarios. Of course you’re invited to come and participate in-person or remotely from all over the world! We’ll soon let you know how to get the tickets if you want to be in the flesh with us!

For sending your entries: you’ve got almost 3 months to prepare your entry to be shown on the big screen, with powerful sound and streamed worldwide. Find the rules and categories here. Attention: deadline is thursday september 29, 23:59 (argentine time).

If you’d like to do a performance: show everyone your skills manipulating integrated circuits, flashing visuals, clipping PWM sounds, generative music, and more. (Note: You need to be in person in the event to participate.) Send us your proposal by clicking here.

As usual for any doubts about the event check out our website https://flashparty.rebelion.digital.

Looking forward to your participation!

Flashparty Org