2/12/21, 4:19 PM | by superogue superogue

Only 1 month until the Lovebyte demoparty, get your entries ready!

Only 1 month until the Lovebyte demoparty on march 12th-14th 2021

So far preperations are going great and it looks like we will have a whole weekend packed with great content (seminars, roundtables, preshows, dj sets, demoshows and much much more surprises) for you all!

We will have tiny intro competitions for 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 byte (both oldschool (ZX Spectrum, BK, Atari, Commodore) and DOS/ARMplatforms), as well as game, 256 pixel and bytebeat music.

Please submit your work to our party system at http://party.lovebyte.party/ (email us or pm us on discord for a registration/votekey)