11/14/15, 12:00 AM Slengpung

Incubus Photo Album - Hurrican & Brutal 1992

Over 20 years ago, Swedish C64 scener Incubus used to take photos at parties, layout them into booklets, add funny captions, copy them and send them to his swapping contacts. These photo-zines basically were Slengpung avant la lettre. After “Got Papers?” scanned some of the albums yesterday (http://gotpapers.untergrund.net/?p=717), Incubus himself got in touch and was pleased to see that someone kept his work. When we asked him whether we may put his photos on Slengpung, he was happy to grant us permission. Today you see the first album with photos from the Hurrican & Brutal Summer Party 1992 in Sweden. Stay tuned for more!