7/1/22, 2:39 PM | by PrincessLuna PrincessLuna

Website Launched

Ahoy there, mateys!

After two years o’ nearrr silence, it be time to announce the return o’ the physical Nordlicht Demoparty! An’ since it be our 10-yearrr anniversary, we be addin’ an extra day o’ party mayhem, makin’ this here a very special four day, pirate themed, event, aye!

Expect all the jolly stuff a shabby gentleman o’ fortune will enjoy, that be fierce compos, blastin’ music acts, a sizzlin’ bar-be-queue an’ a well equipped barr! Our maritime weather along the Weser river and stormy breezes ain’t fer the faint-hearted, but rest assured there’ll be plenty o’ sunshine as well an’ a large outdoor area for you to take a deep relaxin’ breath between all the party madness. Ye may bring a tent as well if ye wish, yarrr!

The website has just launched. Registrations be now open. Ticket sale will follow shortly! Mateys, spread the word, prepare yer compo entries an’ we be welcomin’ ye at lichthaus in Bremen soon this September! Ship ahoy!


(Some parts of the website may still be incomplete or missing, this will be fixed over time!)