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Don't forget to share your Atari music on AMN Live!
29.4.10 05:07 AMN Live! is a free, professional publishing tool designed to help you promote your 8-bit chiptune or vintage MIDI synth music to a targeted, global audience. Within minutes, you can create an artist's profile and begin adding albums and songs for others to listen, rate and comment on. You can include cover art, profile pics, and discography data as well as written reviews, lyrics and chords for every song you add! You can even associate your music with other registered artists for cross-promotion and collaborative projects. AMN Live! was designed to get your music heard and appreciated! That's why AMN Live! integrates social bookmarking with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and many other major sites. There's also built-in SEO tools to help search engines index and rank your content higher. Even though the service is free, the Atari Music Network is the only chiptune and vintage MIDI community that pays out of pocket for Facebook and Google ads – so your music has a much better chance of getting noticed!... See More You don't have to be an Atari user to join either! The Atari Music Network welcomes chiptune and MIDI musicians from the Commodore, Amiga, Spectrum, Nintendo, PC, and Mac communities to join! Join the Revolution of Vintage Digital Music! http://www.atarimusic.net/ (FORUM) http://www.atarimusic.net/atari-music-network (FACEBOOK) http://www.atarimusic.net/index.php/network/facebook-group (TWITTER) https://twitter.com/AtariMusicNet  

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ACGG Amiga Sommarhack 2020
jul, 7th - 12th
Lost Party 2020
jul, 9th - 12th
Underground Conference 10
jul, 9th - 12th
Solskogen 2020
jul, 10th - 12th
Flashparty online 2020
jul, 17th - 18th
Nordlicht 2020
jul, 17th - 19th
FieldFX 2020
jul, 24th - 26th
Evoke 2020
canceled aug, 14th - 16th
Deadline 2020
oct, 2nd - 4th
Outline 2020
nov, 6th - 9th

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