Pilgrimage 2003
August 9th, 2003
8am - Midnight
Salt Lake City, Utah


Compo results:
    166 K-wak by K-rad Productions vs. the Dennis Courtney 5
    83  FastMade4 by tres beats
    51  CursesDemo by Tfinn
    31  Charged by OTM
    24  Forest by Polaris & Syntax / Northern Dragons
    15  0x0f by S_Tec / Northern Dragons

    111 Ipanema Sands by Mr. Moses
    104 Her Lazer Light Eyes by Nullsleep
    53  Embraced by ChaoticOne & Troll
    49  Insane by ChaoticOne
    32  Doob 2 by Mike No Worth
    31  2nd Goa Techno Rave by Darwin

    142 Wrenchman vs. Mothman by Oman
    77  Ronnas by Clarissa Helps
    62  Demo Woman by Bruce Jividen
    49  In Tolerance We Trust by Fred

The prizes in each compo were:
    1st - Radeon 9800 Pro video card
    2nd - MindCandy DemoDVD
    3rd - FM scanning radio

Copies of Visual Studio .NET 2003 Academic Edition were available for
all.  Copies of Visual Communicator were also donated and given out.
Two additional Radeon 9800 Pro cards were raffled off along with a
bunch of other promotional goodies from ATI.

Event sponsors:
    - Microsoft Corporation     <>
    - ATI Technologies          <>
    - XMission                  <>
    - Serious Magic             <>
    - FuseCon (MindCandy DVD)   <>
    - SceneSpot                 <>
    -                 <>

Event details:
Held at the Metro Learning Center campus of the Salt Lake Community
College, Pilgrimage was a jam-packed day of demoscene goodness!  Greets
to all who attended and worked on productions!  About 75 people
attended the event throughout the day.  The schedule was roughly as

08:00 AM - Computer setup begins
09:15 AM - Salon 4: Designing Your Own Game Console,
	    by Russ Christensen
09:15 AM - Salon 5: Introduction to Direct3D,
	    by Rich Thomson
10:15 AM - Salon 3: Designing Demos Using Java For A Change,
	    by Jason Ehrhart
10:15 AM - Salon 4: Tracked Music,
	    by Adam Helps
10:15 AM - Salon 5: Real-Time Shaders,
	    by Thant Tessman
11:15 AM - Salon 5: Building a Demo Framework,
	    by David Notario
12:00 PM - Lunch break
01:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Demos in three rooms on three screens
02:00 PM - Salon 4: A visit to a European demoparty: Breakpoint 2003,
	    by Dan Wright
05:00 PM - Dinner break
06:00 PM - Demos and video postcards in three rooms on three screens
08:00 PM - Competition entry qualification begins
09:00 PM - Competition voting begins
10:00 PM - Nullsleep performance
10:30 PM - Competition results announced
11:00 PM - Nullsleep encore

For the performance, you can expect pure chiptune power! It will be a
combination of gameboy and NES tunes, some electro to get the bodies
moving, some rock to get the fists pumping and some straight gamestyle
tunes to make you run and jump. Onstage it'll be a couple gameboys, an
NES console, a stack of cartridges, and Nullsleep wearing a keyboard
slung across his back to control one of the gameboys. There will
definitely be some Van Halen style chip-guitar solos going on!

About Nullsleep
In 1999 Jeremiah Johnson, together with friend Mike Hanlon from
Detroit, co-founded the 8bitpeoples - a collective of artists
interested in the audio/video aesthetics of 8bit computers and
videogames. In the time since, Jeremiah has released a number of
recordings through 8bitpeoples under the name Nullsleep. His current
work is focused on music programming for the Nintendo Gameboy and a
series of projects in NES development.

Designing Your Own Game Console
Speaker: Russ Christensen
Audience: beginner 
Using an XSA-50 FPGA board my team designed a simple 5MHz video game
console with NES Controller input and VGA output, a simple cross
compiler, and a thorough and fully automated test suite. This was an
extensive school project that finished one month before the end of the
semester. During this talk I will demonstrate our console and I give
an overview of the consoles architecture. Source code is available.
Other team members were: Usit Duongsaa, Justin Olson and Ben Holt. 

Designing Demos Using Java For A Change
Speaker: Jason Ehrhart
Audience: intermediate 
This talk will give an overview of the multimedia APIs in Java
covering 2D graphics, 3D graphics, image I/O, sound and speech. Sample
code will be made available to all interested parties. 

Tracked Music
Speaker: Adam Helps
Audience: beginner 
I'll give a brief history of tracked music, and give a brief
explanation of how it works, including channel, sample, and pattern
theory. Basic effects such as pitch bend, volume slide/cut,
arpeggiation, and tempo changes will be explained. Finally, I'll
demonstrate how to write a simple song using ModPlug, a tracker for

Building a Demo Framework
Speaker: David Notario
Audience: intermediate 
This talk will be about the architecture of demo frameworks, why you
need one, what do you need it to do and a postmortem of the
threepixels demo system. 

Real-Time Shaders
Speaker: Thant Tessman
Audience: advanced 
Traditionally, real-time 3D computer graphics involved specialized
hardware with a configurable, but otherwised fixed set of
capabilities. Recently, consumer-level graphics hardware has become
available that allows for the kind of programmability that used to be
associated only with non-real-time rendering. This talk will first
provide an overview of a typical "fixed-function" graphics pipeline,
followed by a description of how things change with the introduction
of vertex and fragment shaders. The talk will conclude with a few
demos and coding examples. 

Introduction to Direct3D
Speaker: Rich Thomson
Audience: intermediate 
This talk will give an overview of programming 3D scenes with
Direct3D, Microsoft's application programming interface for 3D. 

A Visit To A European Demoparty: Breakpoint 2003
Speaker: Dan Wright
Audience: beginner 
My plan is to: 
    Show photos on the projector 
    Talk about the trip 
    Explain why attended, who we met, experience 
    Answer any questions 

Russ Christensen 
Russ Christensen just got a CS degree from the University of Utah and
is working on a CE degree. He works full time writing video games for
Wahoo Studios. 

Jason Ehrhart 
Jason Ehrhart is a Technology Evangelist and Senior Systems Engineer
for Sun Microsystems Inc. Before joining Sun, Jason worked at Netscape
Communications Corp. as a Senior Systems Engineer responsible for pre
and post sales support, seminars, and executive briefings. Jason has
had over 20 years of experience in the High Tech industry, sucessfully
performing as the Systems Engineering Manager at Novell, Director of
Support and Support Services at Univel, Manager of Compiler
Engineering at Evans & Sutherland as well as Systems
Engineering/Analyst positions at Mips, Acer/Counterpoint, Elxsi, and
Sperry/Unisys. Jason has his BS in Computer Science from the
University of Utah and the US Coast Guard Academy. He makes his home
on a mountainside in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Adam Helps 
My name's Adam Helps, I'm a computer science major at Brigham Young
University. I've been playing the piano since I was eight years old,
and started writing music on computers at almost the same time. I had
all the frequencies of the C major scale memorized before I finished
fifth grade. This was so that I could scratch out melodies on the old
PC speaker, coding in BASIC and C. I've been tracking since my
freshman year of high school, and while none of it is very good, I
still love doing it. Adam is one of the primary organizers of

David Notario (Mac / xplsv ^ threepixels) 
David Notario began his interest in demoscene in the early 90's. He
has released about 20 demos with threepixels and other groups in the
last years. He has worked on games in Pyro Studios (based in Spain,
his originary country) and currently is a developer in Microsoft,
where he works in the CLR group. In his spare time he is now building
VJ software, which brings together the demoscene and video art. 

Thant Tessman 
Thant Tessman studied physics at the University of Utah, but quit in
1987 to join the technical marketing team at Silicon Graphics. There
he authored several demos including insect, jello, and ideas in
motion. He has since worked at Walt Disney Imagineering's Virtual
Reality Studio where he co-implemented the virtual reality engine used
in Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride, and at Shoreline Studios programming
graphics for live television broadcast. He currently lives in Salt
Lake City with his wife and three children. He works for NVIDIA's demo
group, telecommuting from his home office. 

Rich Thomson (Legalize / Polygony) 
Rich began exploring computer graphics in 1979 using a Tektronix 4014
storage scope display. Since then, he has worked on custom circuits
for 3D graphics workstations, 3D graphics application programs and
applications for digital video. He is currently writing a
comprehensive book on the Direct3D API. He first heard about the demo
scene at SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio, Texas. Rich is one of the
primary organizers of Pilgrimage.

Dan Wright (Pallbearer) 
Dan Wright first discovered demos around 1986 on his Commodore C-128
(in C-64 emulation mode of course). During the late 80's he created
several C-64 demos that can be found on his Fusecon web page if you
look in the right place. Dan caught a glimpse of his first "real" PC
demo, Fishtro, during Spring of 1992. That summer he created the
"Internet Demo Site" which later became known as Hornet. A couple
years later, he released the first mixed-mode CD for the demoscene,
called "Escape". This was followed up with a two CD release
(audio/data) called "Freedom" (1995) and an audio CD co-produced with
Imphobia called "audiophonik" (1999), containing songs from scene
musicians. In 2002, Dan assisted with the financing, booklet art, and
business aspect of producing the MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos. He also
has the laborious task of packaging and mailing all the DVD's. Dan
lives in Oregon and works for a company that makes chips for
projectors, TV's and LCD displays. In his spare time Dan likes to
watch professional wrestling (WWE), football (American) and the
occasional movie. He has attended three demoparties: Assembly '93,
Naid '95, and Breakpoint 2003. 

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