18th Jun 08

Remote Entries

If you'd like to compete with a remote entry on Rewired, you can ! We are accepting remote entries for the Graphics, Music, Oldskool and Wild competition - sorry, no demo compo. Entries will be spread thru the usual party release channels and you can't claim your prize should you be on the victorious side of the spectrum, as usual. To submit an entry use the contact form, you'll get a reply with all the infos.

by poti //
28th May 08

Party Beer

Those present at Maximum Overdose and Breakpoint already had a sneak preview but now its official : Rewired will have its very own exclusive Party Beer, made just for you - available absolutely nowhere to be found in any shop or bar in over a 100km radius (and that covers about all of Belgium, mind you). We'll be having a steady, yet limited supply of this fabulous blonde available for you.

by poti //
19th May 08

Entrance fee

In order to satisfy all those asking about it : The entrance fee. Entrance to Rewired will set you back the quite democratic sum of 25 euros. No day tickets, no compo lurker tickets, XX-chromosome carrying beings do not get in for free - thats emancipation for you :-)

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25th Apr 08


For those that would like to link to Rewired, well - THEY CAN! Odruce us to Intrallow the banners and buttons page.

by poti //
16th Apr 08

Updated Travel Information

For those coming with public transport such as bus and train we now have an updated travel page online with all the required information. For those coming by car there also is a detailed route description downloadble in PDF containing all the intersections that matter.

by franky-- //
27th Mar 08

Invitations Released

Okay ! Update time ! Those present at Breakpoint and readers of Pouët will already know that we have released invitations for Rewired on C64 and PC last weekend. The C64 version got a cool 3rd place and the PC one a very respectable 16th. You can download the versions for C64 and PC by clicking the corresponding links below - if you want to discuss them check the Pouët pages for both C64 and PC invitation the C64 version also has a CSDB entry. Enjoy !
Download the C64 Invitation
Download the PC Invitation

by franky-- //
22nd Feb 08

Announcing Rewired 2008

After close to a decade of silence, Belgium has a new demoparty : Rewired. The party starts on friday the 20th of june - doors close on sunday the 24th and is held in the town of Maaseik. Maaseik is located in the top-left corner of Belgium at about 50 meters from Holland (no, really). Okay more realistically Maaseik is located about 15 minutes north of Maastricht or 25 minutes south of Eindhoven. German visitors will have a 30 minutes drive from Aachen. The ultra-important url ?

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